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2023.8.4 Bridegroom, are you willing to be ?

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 Wheaton kneel down for his buckteeth correction during wedding 

James T Hamilton

James Wheaton during the wedding he has to kneel down. Then you ask me, emcee, ask me to say my wishes. I will say that Wheaton will have his teeth corrected at the dentist’s after the wedding day. He will have to agree. Then for buckteeth it will take five years for correction. This marriage will last more than three years.

Next thing is to see my iMessages. Take me and Wheaton to the dentist’s. T Hamilton you will have to appear with me. I am foreigner I do not know how to find dentist and how to cure diseases in hospital. Also for venereal diseases. He will say that he will feel pain but it will let him sleep well. Because he is always worried about whether Shenfei Wang is loving him today. Then the brace is on teeth he will sleep better.

In fact during the wedding if my father and cousin arrive, they will not let me go back to China for at least one year. We will not go to China when stomach is not big. He will have to wear brace for buckteeth to realize what he has promised during wedding right ? Then during first year it will be very painful, like vomiting all the time with headaches. It is what he will learn with his wife. Because with buckteeth he himself seldom speaks, I mean he seldom talks and he has to find someone to talk instead of him. Then he will not go to China because if four or six US men go to China, you will do what ? James S. Fishkin is not with you in China. Yes you will spend the bride’s Chinese money right ? By her Chinese bank card. It will be impolite. It is also a sort of balance that boss in company want to find. He will himself say that he will not go to China so quickly and he will not feel guilty. It will be a good luck for him on the contrary. Even he is afraid of making mistakes then if in China he will not sleep well. How to sleep with teeth corrected in China ? Then he himself will make a conclusion without feeling guilty, he will say that we will not need to go to China. The teeth is a good lesson he will learn with his wife. I mean he has to follow that suggestion. I understand in real life he will be against all suggestions of employees even parents, except wife.

Yours Sincerely Shenfei Wang implies The First Husband ?

In fact, I decided not to contact Wheaton for five years and three months. You have not got my email for so long, then I will realize my promise again when I see you. I mean at the end of the second year of my arrival in USA, I will try to make a marriage proposal. But once it is refused or without reply, I will remove all Wheaton's series emails again. Then you will find T Hamilton or Turner for emails of Stanford. It is not a joke, it will be the only truth that I repeat before Wheaton. Each time when I meet him, I say I will remove your email from all my lists. Then finally it will become true. He thinks that it will not be done then he will be groom. On the contrary, I do not have energy to dug. I mean I will be very tired in a foreign country, then I will not have energy to call out your parents and so on. I mean I will not conduct a wedding ceremony so actively in order to protect myself from being hurt. Before in France, no men were finally my boyfriend, I mean before in Paris, I imagined too much but the fact was that no men there liked me so much. They disappeared finally then they did not reply. I guess you will not reply neither. I will find out Anthony,, I mean I will find out that uncle. I am his fiancee of fact, because for five years and three months, I have not called any other men in US. I only called him. In my dream, I did see my babies with him. All my babies were sons. Then each time I woke up, I thought that he fell in love with me. Although in government many men are of the same name, I mean July 2016, there was an uncle who entered into the job position thanks to my emails. I want to say that I intended to be married with that uncle, not uncle of the same name or same age. In my dream, I had many sons with him. Then one day March 2023 I had a dream like me and Anthony, we saw a pretty young girl. Then it seems that this girl is not his daughter. I believe the girl will be little sister whose father will be from Stanford. In reality, when Anthony is appearing, even digital version conducted by colleagues, teachers in Stanford were very quiet. I mean people in university, you were all extremely quiet for those 6 years nearly. Then in real life, if I take Anthony out to see Wheaton, you will be afraid then you will also be quiet. Uncle will say that he does not expect being a husband. But nobody in Stanford admit me as a future wife. So I will still be his fiancee of fact. Before I did not call or add you due to protection. According to normal logic, if I bring all of you to Canada then to France, it is illegal right ? So you definitely need help from USCIS, the direct reply at least. Then I am different from local woman, I am a foreigner. I will take a full time job position in USCIS office then I will make decision with formal letters. As result, my marriage of fact and bridegroom of fact will change. In fact I want to say how you are stupid. You only go abroad to pick up someone, why you send Shenfei Wang to USCIS ? If she is often there, she will be married with another US man of different character. But in reality, you are indeed stupid like imagine, so I will be working in a government office. Then I will make my decisions become conclusion of practice. Like order of email group created by me, I firstly added Anthony then Thomas, Fishkin, I added Wheaton only several months ago. So my first husband in US will be another man of USCIS. Then Wheaton has a real reaction after five years of hesitation. "The first amendment" has similar sound like "the first husband". However I will remove you the second year when I see "The first amendment". I feel happy that you are the first and you have habit to say that you will be the first. But in reality it lacks steps in the middle, so I will not continue to dug the content of wedding ceremony and similar affairs like how I will call out your mother.


 Only had sons in all my dreams with 

I will first have many sons with Anthony then five years after, I will have a first daughter. It is my dream. Each time I see my baby in my dream I wake up. I guess when I enter into Stanford, you will choose to run away or hide intentionally. Because you think that Shenfei Wang will bring you to a wedding ceremony and choose you to be a bridegroom. But unluckily it has never happened. I have a habit of cooperate with colleagues of USCIS. Sometimes a foreigner has not got any friend to help her. Then as to me, I will not find drug to kill my depression in a foreign country, so I will not sleep well. I will be crying long time then I will have pain all over the body. With that uncle, all of my babies are sons, in my dream. Then five years after I will have a daughter with Wheaton, if you still think that you are the first husband, like your company name the first amendment. I will not often leave my home in Stanford, because my friends from Harvard or Yale will come to find me. If I am married, I will leave my home around 7 or 8 o'clock at night to find the husband's bedroom. I am astute and shrewd, like a famous online writer. So I will not let the man say that Shenfei Wang is actually inside my house. It is impolite. I am not so stubborn that I even could not feel the atmosphere of couple's house. I will not have a couple's house. It is always my own house and me I will be always alone. I will appear alone for friends from far away. So the wedding is only a form, it depends on whether I will go out to find that man for sleeping. I will not be living with a husband all the time like traditional couples. So perhaps one day I go out of my bedroom and I knock at the door of Anthony and it is already a wedding of my version. It is not like local woman. I am more famous in USCIS and Stanford than the man, so I care about my fans feeling. If anyone come to find me, then they will only find me, not with a man. For example, if woman friend think that she will meet a man in my bedroom she will be nervous. Then she will wear lipstick and rouge in order to meet that man at the same time. In reality I understand the pressure then I will appear alone. If you want to be my husband you may share your bedroom key with me, but I will only use the key during deep night.


 Paris 13 CROUS Residence Bugs & 16522.18 euros rent for 41 months

In Paris I did not have French boyfriend, then I was sad in my bedroom. I supported high rent all month but employees there were very greedy without any sympathy on me. In apartment in Paris, there were not enough washing machines. Then we stayed up all night to queue up for using the washing machines. I worked at night then when I slept in the morning, it was noisy. I was client of apartment but the employees brought Chinese people to see me, just like I was host. But I paid the monthly rent then I did not need to support so many other clients. Each time I went to supermarket to buy things carrying heavy plastic bag, only a Vietnamese who came to help me. I mean in that residence of Paris nobody had sympathy on me. What's worse from September 2015 to February 2016 I went to find employees of salary of rent in that residence, but they moved house. I went to confirm the account of rent, but they all left my apartment, then 0 workers in my apartment. I washed all by hands because I needed Izly card for washing machine. But in university and residence, nobody helped me for that detail. I did not have the new student card for one year then I still paid all rent. Employees of university Paris 13 residence were so shameless that they still took all rent without any service during the years 2015 and 2016. My residence card was lost then someone picked up my card in dustbin. They placed it in a drawer of office. Then they moved house, employees who took my rent moved house, then my residence card was lost. They did not return it to me. I could not open the window for four years and the window needed to be screened. I need to screen the window to avoid flying insects. But they did not screen the window. There were too many ants at the same time. The handle of window shutter was broken for four years, and I have said many times to employees. They did not change the handle for a new one. The large cotton quilt needs to be washed then needs to be dried. But in Paris 13 university residence, there was no place for drying the heavy cotton quilt. Even the window could not be opened so the quilt would be wet after being washed. I need bunk bed then I will have upper berth and lower berth for sleeping and for drying the quilt. There was never air conditioning in summer, and I was not in that residence during Summer holidays. I was in China then I still paid all Summer holiday's rent. So could you please return at least 6 months rent of my residence ? Even finally my parents arrived I needed two bedrooms, then you still did not treated my demand and I was chased away. I was in airport 3 months without returning home. Why you charged so much rent without even allocating a new bedroom when parents arrived ? You did not give me a final receipt of all my rent although I paid four years rent. Each time I bought new furniture like a new lamp for that residence, the fee of lamps has not been deducted from my monthly rent.

42 months, I have paid monthly rent 233 euros (Total monthly rent 406.04 with CAF 172.80), 43% has been reimbursed by CAF. I have paid nearly 9786 euros for university residence CROUS. CAF is Caisse d’Allocations Familiales. From September 5, 2012 to February 2016, I paid well the monthly rent 233 euros and it is the money from China. 406.04*42=17053.68 euros, this is the total amount of rent that has been saved in my account of residence in Paris. Including the money given by parents from China and money allocated by government. However, you see the receipt delivered by CROUS, university residence in Paris, it is not clear, and it seems that the receipt is not complete. I have paid in full but the receipt did not cover all months right ? That's the main problem of employees in university residence who received salary of CROUS. They did not have enough employees just like what I have said before, from 2015 to 2016, they had a new building inside university of Paris 13, so all employees left the previous residence by following the director, the only Frenchman. They did not have enough rent earning so they saved money without employing more. I have checked the rent of residence that I have paid, 404.13 euros (2012.9), 384.13 euros (from 2012.10 to 2012.12), 389.36 euros (from 2013.1 to 2013.8), 439.36 euros (2013.9), 554.36 euros (2013.10), 399.36 euros (from 2013.11 to 2013.12), 401.59 euros (from 2014.1 to 2014.12), 403.02 euros (from 2015.1 to 2016.1). Residence CROUS of Paris 13 university in Epinay has charged 16522.18 euros together. Before from 2012 to 2016 the exchange rate was 8.7, so 1 euro equals to 8.7 RMB. 143742.966 RMB all together 41 Months. I have added one month rent, because I bought a lot for that residence, for example the light bulb, I mean I bought extra things for that room without deducting money from the rent. For example, I bought light bulb 10 euros, so if the actual monthly rent is 403.02, I should pay 393.02 euros right ? Because according to charging list :

01/03/2016 Mois T1 Epinay 1 252.02

01/03/2016 Charges Locatives T1 Epinay 1 105.00

01/03/2016 Complement mobilier Epinay 1 26.00

01/03/2016 Entretien pluri_annuel Epinay 1 20.00

Total 403.02

The Complement mobilier Epinay requires 26 euros right ? But each time you charged me the whole month rent, without explaining why there was no Entretien as stated, there was no Service Locative as stated.


 Love plus Kiss in WC & Vietnamese Hotel Director Replacement 

I remember before in Paris 13 university residence, the director French was still making love with his wife. I mean his wife and the director they worked together for CROUS residence. One day, I mean during the first year, the director Frenchman only had a son. Then the woman Frenchwoman she was the second wife. I added after I mean they were Algerians. We could say that they were French. Then they made love in toilet in that residence first floor office. There was an African employee, I mean he was black, then like servant. After they made love, I mean the irregular action, like they did secretly in WC. They actually did, because they felt itchy. I saw because at that time I wanted to go to that WC. I saw the situation. Then the scar, I mean the peeling skin of body fell off everywhere in toilet. It was dirty, then the French director asked servant to clean toilet. Amazing thing I saw after was that I discovered that the African employee was kissing the fallen peeling skin of body. But I had mentioned at least ten times the handle of window shutter in my bedroom was broken from the moment I entered that bedroom. I mean I mentioned that detail with that African employee for three years and a half. He did not have passion to kiss my handle. I mean his desire was not enough for repairing the broken handle, but was enough to kiss the skin of body of that host or landlady. I mean I want to say if the peeling skin of body fell off due to scar, I mean the scar of wound, then peeling skin of body they fell down, you do not need to kiss anymore. It was a dirty thing. I could not find a word to replace make love, if they made love in WC then peeling skin of body fell down, the servant did not need to clean the WC. Then one year after I saw their daughter, unluckily they did not care about the image. Their daughter or son would never be the daughter in law or son in law of Shenfei Wang.

Residence CROUS of Paris 13 university in Epinay has charged 16522.18 euros together. Before from 2012 to 2016 the exchange rate was 8.7, so 1 euro equals to 8.7 RMB. 143742.966 RMB all together 41 Months. The employees of director Gilles Grenie received the rent then he turned it into monthly salary. However they did not give any money to a hotel nearby. When my parents arrived in Paris residence from December 2015 to February 2016, they assigned a Vietnamese director of hotel IBIS nearby to accompany my parents in bedroom. It was not a paid labor force. That Vietnamese helped all for free. I wonder my money was still charged during those three months. I was not in a new bedroom so I stayed in Paris airport. I did not return home. Then why you still charged three months rent ? It was a hotel director who accompanied my parents. I needed to pay rent at least accompanying fee to that hotel director. He speaks well Chinese and French. I did not understand why the skin of face of director in university Paris 13, his skin of face is so thick like wall ? So shameless like he did not care whether the paid client was still inside the residence. He did not care whether the hotel director was paid. Then he assigned heavy task to a Vietnamese hotel director, alone. I mean I had that lesson before, I knew that when I had difficulty only Vietnamese in Paris helped me. Before I met a doctor who was Vietnamese in University Paris 13 hospital. I asked him why I paid all year rent. Then it was so unfair. I mean he expected to see me, that doctor liked me so much that he was always happy to see me. Then I asked him why I was still so lonely. He said that Africans they received your money but they could not complete their own circulation. For example you said that you stayed up all night for studying, you felt happy. It was on the contrary good for your mental health. You were satisfied. But those Africans received your money they did not feel grateful and satisfied. They got depression and they lost sense. They would get split mind or similar diseases. At the same time they did not have good lovers like you. Each time I was accompanied by Vietnamese, finally I understood the reality. So even if I know it is time for me to be married with a white US man, I will keep distance with that man and his parents. I know that their habit is far away from my habit and they act more slowly than me when meeting difficulties.


 SMS to hotels, government and director Grenie

I do not understand if me and Anthony uncle, we bring the group to Paris residence, why we need to be assigned to an hotel ? We go together to find French Algerian mixed blood director of residence Paris 13, then why we will be sent to an hotel nearby ? My US and Canadian friends they are my friends. I have paid 16522.18 euros for 41 months, then I bring my friends to see director of that residence, why the group has to be re orientated to a new hotel ? I doubt whether my future children will be husband or wife of Gilles Grenie's children. Do you have face to see Shenfei Wang and Anthony uncle ? Me and that uncle we worked a lot for USCIS, I mean US government, also for CBP, Customs and Border Protection. Do you feel ashamed ? Or shamelessness is a symptom of mental disease. Why not arrange a new bedroom or make bedroom of Shenfei Wang wider and bigger ? You do not have similar service why you charged so much Shenfei Wang's money ? Even I am worried about my 20 euros Internet fee once I arrive again in my bedroom. Will I need to pay again the monthly Internet fee for new subscription ? You charged me 16522.18 euros all together but it is not sufficient for new subscription of Internet ?

I left SMS to Gilles Grenies mobile phone:

“J'ai besoin de fenetre de voile contre insectes volants. Sortez le lit precedent et remettez le lit haut et bas. Les lits ont des couchettes inferieures et superieures. Laver les grandes couettes, sechage, machine a laver en file d'attente, pas de climatisation en ete, trop de fourmis. Aspirateur, trop de cendres, la poignee du volet est casse.

I left SMS to French government about hotels and residences for foreigners:

This is a short message for hotels in France. Government, is it possible for you to set a new rule for all hotels in France ? We set a rule like we will check if hotels have business licence. I mean we need a global tool to penalize hotels with bad reputation. In Paris too many foreigners do not have home but hotels are very expensive. Workers in hotels are mad and they do whatever they want like chase people away. But a number like IOSS in Europe has the function of unifying the management. We will check then penalize the illegal hotels in immigration field.

Ceci est un SMS pour les hotels français. Gouvernement, est il possible que vous ayez une nouvelle reglementation pour tous les hotels en France? Nous avons etabli une regle, comme verifier si un hotel a une licence commerciale. Je veux dire, nous avons besoin d'un outil mondial pour punir les hotels de mauvaise reputation. A Paris, beaucoup d’etrangers n’ont pas de maison, mais les hotels sont tres chers. Le personnel de l'hotel est fou, ils font ce qu'ils veulent, comme chasser les gens. Mais les outils comme IOSS ont la fonction d'une gestion unifiee. Nous inspecterons et punirons les hotels illegaux dans le domaine de l'immigration.



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