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Emotional communication and educational guidance from peer perspective

Harvard, Columbia, Chicago, Berkeley, NYU, USC, Rhode Island, Shenfei Education has a community of alumni in the top 50 schools in the United States. Through the measurement of interests and needs, Shenfei Education provides a senior and elder sister as Mentor for students in need, and provides guidance and assistance in American culture, necessary skills for studying in the United States, psychological development, critical thinking, leadership training and other aspects. Each Mentor will bring at most 3 students to answer the questions they have encountered during the application process, and bring them the intimate companionship of their peers. Shenfei Education also encourages students who have successfully completed their applications to join the Mentor family to help more younger students and younger siblings.

Students Will Gain

Opportunities for interaction with visitors

First-hand consultation and internal perspective from target universities

Mentor Talk Experience sharing

Suggestions and reception for school visit

Mentor Members

Accreditation Angel

University Paris 8

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Name : Shenfei Wang

U of Sydney

Name : Angel

Harvard Design

Name : Shenfei


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