Personalized education concept

We focus on the development of the whole person, adhere to On your side as yourguide, and are committed to tapping and stimulating the potential of each student. Through long-term planning, we help students improve their comprehensive ability and comprehensive development, so that they can easily enter the top universities.

The promotion team of famous American schools

Mr. Bao Fanyi, the chief consultant, is the co-founder of New Oriental and has more than 20 years of experience in document guidance. American consultants graduated from Yale, Berkeley, Chicago, Cornell and other top universities. Most of the Chinese supervisors were teachers, or had overseas study experience, with an average of more than 6 years of experience in the United States.

2+1 service mode

Each trainee has its own Chinese consultant (AC) and foreign consultant (SC), and the Strategic Development Department (SD) provides support for background improvement to form a 2+1 service model. At the same time, it has a community of alumni studying in famous American schools, providing Mentor for students in need, and bringing intimate companionship from the perspective of peers.

Super high teacher-student ratio

In order to ensure the quality of service, the average number of consultants and teachers is no more than 10, and they are accepted by interview. The super high teacher-student ratio ensures that each consultant has more time and energy to understand the students, accompany the students' growth and provide more targeted suggestions.

Consultant localization

Say goodbye to the simple video and email services, both American consultants and Chinese consultants, and implement the on-duty system. Students and parents can make an appointment to have face-to-face communication with the consultant at any time. The consultant provides detailed and timely personalized guidance according to the needs of students.

One-to-one planning

Refuse the assembly line service, and customize the application plan for each student with the help of regular face-to-face in-depth interviews with students, and a series of professional tools such as Discovery and CPP evaluation. Each student is unique in terms of application image, standardized examination plan and competition activity planning.

Famous teacher resources and platform resources

According to the characteristics of students, help students recommend standardization teachers and academic research instructors, recommend scientific research practice or activity platforms for students in need, and help each student improve their academic background. Introduce international competition cooperation and competition tutoring resources such as IOL, IEO, DMM and YOC to enrich students' activities and honor lists.

Long-term heuristic company

From environmental protection, women's rights to the Sino-US trade war, no matter what topic you pay attention to, the consultant teacher is willing to discuss with you. We have our own "Social Method Questions" question bank to challenge you. The unique EnLIFEMENT course includes a large number of students' exclusive courses such as writing, reading, speaking, and thinking.

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