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2023.9.15 The Loss of Package

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 USCIS iMessage, SMS, Voice Recording, Emails

Paula M Grenier ( +1 (617) 543 5339 could not receive my SMS since February 20, 2023. Anita R Moore ( +1 (202) 604 9832 and Ana E Santiago ( +1 (305) 793 9919 receive well my SMS. Only Ana E Santiago, still has function of recording voice. Paula M Grenier has two phone numbers, +1 (617) 565 9410 this is number of office, and +1 (617) 543 5339 this is number of cell phone, both do not have function of recording voice any more. Any agent could tell me what message I left to Anita and Ana ? My SMS message is "I want to work for government nearest office to university." Then I sent SMS, I mean I paid for the SMS sent, for you closed your apple iMessage function. I left a long message August 6, 2023: "You have to read my SMS, for I plan to get married during my second year of arrival in US. How to legalize wedding with Chinese ? Shenfei Wang will hold ceremony in Stanford then marriage certificate in which office ?" Then immigration agents did not reply me. You may go back to check your work with CIS team.

In fact if I am married with an Australian, the bridegroom will be Massimo Hilliard, because it is often several days before a wedding, then Moore he will say that he want to abandon due to black skin. He will say that I have seen Shenfei and her skin is nearly white. Then she does not need a very black husband. On the contrary, if Massimo Hilliard has sign, bridegroom will be changed to him. Then do you understand what I want to say ? He does not have sign. He and Steven Zuryn are in institute of brain, and they do not consult emails like Moore. Then according to my experience in France, each time people of color speak with me faster than the pure white. But unluckily in that country, people whose skin has color are foreigners. So it is important to verify if Massimo is local then if at the same time his skin color is yellowish. I have a cousin of similar character. My two cousins' character are similar to Massimo's character. I mean they are on Science and I am living with boys on Science. I feel relaxed if the man has nothing to do but he man himself has more content. I do not like man who works for mediation between man and woman. I mean I feel relaxed if the man does not know how to do but follow me by nature. I feel nervous if the man follow me deliberately. It is my born character, I prefer man of more content, I mean with more solid capacity, not sleeping or playing with women all the time.


 Package Destroyed due to Absence & Lack of help of Gilles Grenie

For recent years, all international package sent from China to overseas, will be destroyed if they have not been picked up in time. So the reimbursement is in fact

11.2 RMB products fee

38.38 RMB international shipping fee

44 RMB international SMS fee, I sent many SMS to Gilles Grenie and relevant students for picking up the package, but without reply.

10 RMB for warehouse packing fee

103.58 RMB =13.19 EUR

It implies that in fact CROUS residence universitaire does not have capacity to complete any procedure regarding Amazon, CDiscount, Rakuten, FNAC, Darty etc. They do not have capacity to pick up even daily package of international student. What's more nobody helps Gilles Grenie actively due to his bad character. No SMS of phone should not be excuse because I spent at least 5.6 euros for leaving enough international SMS. Each time if you send invoice of rent to that international student, as least 13.19 euros should be deducted. I mean if you meet me again, I will pay 13.19 euros less than demanded monthly rent.


 Presence: Excuses Replacement V.S. Bridegroom Himself

In fact my experiences with US uncles from 2016 April till now, it could be concluded as presence excuses. First US uncles they appear together but the identity is uncertain. James Wheaton and Thomas Hayden, or Anthony and Bailenson they are replaced by a sort of group. Second the man I pursue the most does not sign with his own name. For example, Thomas often signs with name of S. Fishkin. Third they are of older generation, more than 10 years older than me. US uncles have already slept with local white color women, then they met me 2016. Although I met them by email when I was 24 years old, they were sleeping with local women. So many people admire me, but I am worried about my marriage status. I will not be married with any men who come to replace my chosen US uncle. The root of the presence problem is that uncles do not have the same sleeping habit. It is impossible for them to find me, a yellow color young niece for sleeping. So they do not appear before me. However, I have many little brothers in team like DiStefano and Boris, and I often say that they should not be bridegroom due to lack of social experience. Then I find US uncles to replace my little brothers in team to face more trials and tribulations. However, adversity, I want to say the moment I saw Paul Moore, I asked him if he was willing to accept marriage proposal of shenfeiwang. I saw him then I slept well, because I knew that he is living in adversity. If he is sleeping with a woman, the woman will blame him or scold him as rogue. Even me I am afraid of being scolded as female rascal. Due to media exposure, me and Moore we have colored skin, so we are afraid of social reproach. Little mermaid will become foam, so I will abandon being the bride in the end, although the whole project has been done by me. I feel in fact sad due to adversity, if a white color man like Wheaton you sleep with a woman, that woman think that boss will love her. But me if I sleep with you, you will think that I am a female rascal sometimes due to bad habit or big ambition. So people with colored skin do not often take off clothes to kiss or sleep. It is dangerous due to media exposure, even if the sleeping partner agree, the family will not agree. On the contrary, like Moore or Hilliard, we react more quickly with a real appearance. It is difficult to find someone to replace us, so it is more possible for us to talk about marriage in real life. The chance, I did not get a good chance in France because all people of colored skin come from overseas like Africa or Vietnam. But I feel lucky because Moore and Hilliard you come from Australia, and you are local. Then it will be a real bridegroom not a bridegroom of project. In my imagination, Wheaton will not appear, he will appear one or two times so many projects will fail. I will go to UQ as soon as possible for a real wedding, then I hope I will forget the adversity brought by my Chinese skin color.

Do you understand the secret I want to reveal ? Because Moore you are about 8 years older than my existing little brothers in team. So you are big brother. The whole Australian UQ team is composed of big brothers. Then older generation like US uncles, they are not afraid of media exposure so they feel proud if they sleep together with local women. For me, I want to be married with US uncle, I intended to, but in real life, I will not meet the right person. I will meet the team which replace my chosen US uncles. Then uncles are sleeping with women, white color women, so they are afraid of suddenly seeing or loving me in a too close way. That's why I feel depressed and I think that some of my projects will fail due to lack of presence of the youngest uncle Wheaton. I will remove him after the second year I see him in US. However it is impossible for people of colored skin, I mean only 5 or 6 years older than me, to sleep long time with local women. To tell the truth, it is a torture to form a habit of sleeping with women before a real marriage. So when I meet Moore in real life, I will feel more excited and the habit is more similar to my daily habit. Also the habit of abandoning owner of achievement. Finally if I think too much about how I will be bride, I will be too sad about the bad result. Then I hope he will accept my proposal regarding marriage and I will have a better mood without abandoning in the end. In fact the whole project has been done by me, about three uncles whose names are James, then I am forming groups to let them meet each other. Finally it will be shocking for them to sleep with young niece so they will not appear. We are more sensitive to media exposure is more advanced than that older generation in US. It will lead to a success instead of finding groups for replacement.

I could explain third time, for example, I will meet Hilliard but unluckily, he will play hide and seek with me. Because he will think that he never reads my emails, then that teacher come to check homework. He will have nothing to do with shenfeiwang series. However I will not feel unhappy because it is himself, the right person who will play hide and seek. He is alone and sometimes with Zuryn, due to culture of institute, they do not read any emails. Even say sorry it is finally Zuryn who come out to say sorry. But how it is close to a bridegroom in real life ! It is the man himself who is guilty not a big team or a company. Even Chapman, I think it is amazing, because it is himself who say that he loves Japan, not like US uncles big team. I see in your website the language department is only about Chinese and Japanese so you three in group, Martin, Moore and Hilliard you have to take at least one course of Chinese or Japanese. Then we will go to China together after you learn a little about the language.


 Team Head: Bailenson V.S. Bellamy

You can get many first hand news from me about US Stanford university. Yesterday started returning emails. That email box is full, but nobody take care of his email box. Bailenson is the head of the Stanford communication department. He never replies and never talks. So you will feel proud, because our head is Alexander Bellamy, who receives so well emails and so handsome. In fact, if people in France they talk secretly with me about who they love best. Most of them will say that they prefer Alexander Bellamy, although he is not from our department. I mean he himself works with higher efficiency. But in US, it is rather like Bailenson team who work with efficiency. So in real life, the NO. 1 is the slowest. Of course, in the slow speed ranking list, the first is France, the second is USA. So Moore, I have said that I will feel excited if you accept my marriage proposal, it is totally due to US head absence. You know their head, is never like our Alexander Bellamy, their head of group seldom appears. Many things work like this, to the contrary sides. For another example, in France university Paris 13, I never got any salary but I paid more than 403.2 euros each month to university residence. Even in that campus, people with title teacher do not get salary. So strange place, then if you think about working in a bank in France, it will be more difficult to get money. Because banks there do not announce admission like university. Do you understand ? Because now I am working in a financial street in Wuhan China with many banks everywhere. Then I discover that the banks do not work so efficiently like in university. So they will in fact get less money in the end. It is so terrible news for me about Stanford head of group, Bailenson, I want to say that in real life, the giant Jeremy Bailenson represents Stanford most of time. I will remove Wheaton but if I remove Bailenson, I will lose the team. So now do you have clear feeling ? Bailenson is very slow, extremely slow without any reply or action. He is the real head of group so he appears more often than Wheaton, the youngest uncle. Then where do we find the bridegroom for flash marriage ? In comparison, Alexander Bellamy is more handsome and reliable. Matthew Dargusch, I have even chosen another teacher of similar profile, I mean if Bellamy appears he will be with Dargusch. I am afraid that he will have nobody to talk with, so I arrange a similar profile for him. In university, especially spacious university, nobody is the head, but we like him so he is the best in our heart.

In fact I know you do not often believe me then you think that I am running away from US. But Wheaton, we take example, if he is married with me, I will be pregnant. Then many heavy tasks will be assigned like housework. However, he is boss and he will be tired and unhappy. Unluckily he is never in university and he never know who is James T Hamilton in real life. So he will not be able to share heavy tasks right ? Another big brother he can call is Thomas, because Thomas has broad forehead and he is abandoning owner of achievement due to frustration. But Wheaton you never speak with him and it will be jealous. In the end I do not know how the first husband with title the first amendment performs in real life. On the contrary, if Moore, Martin and Massimo you are in the same campus, it will be naturally better cooperation with each other. Even in real life, Massimo you only need to know Moore, because Moore will take care of me if I arrive generally like this. If a man kiss a woman is like a boss kiss an employee, then I will never be kissed. But on the contrary if man does everything every heavy tasks for the woman, the woman will kiss the man actively. If US project has failed, then I will not lie before any people in Australia. The first sometimes means the fastest but sometimes means the slowest. They are nearly the slowest from my observation during those 7 years.

France is the slowest, I did not get salary from Frenchmen on the contrary I paid too much for their African affairs. So during my 4 years in France, I only know friendship and true love. If I deduce by email like James Wheaton will finally fail, then it will be like this in real life in the future. On the contrary I did not get any true love in France, I mean I treasure the most sentiment. Nearly half year after I returned back to China in 2016, I called Miguel that Frenchman, because my French phone number would soon expire. He said in phone that he loved me the best and I was the only to be loved. Then I cried because I had been abandoned by locals the whole year from 2015 to 2016. After Feb. 2016 I never thought that I had someone who loved me in bottom of his heart. Then they despised me as Vietnamese slave. That's why I only carry capacity of forming interpersonal relationship tools and groups. I think that in France the only husband who will come to make promise will still be Miguel, he has buckteeth. So he is 2 meters monster and never got a girlfriend to love with. The real husband often has similar adversity experience. My mother think that I should earn money otherwise I should leave that place. They blamed me due to the fact that I never earned money in France. Many of my capacities are built for true love not money, because now my parents are with pension each month. Then I do not know whether they understand that they were totally wrong during those years I was in France.


 List Maker: Stanford chosen by university V.S. UQ chosen by me

I was in Paris France from 21 years old to 24 years old, then sentiment was a big thing. I was there but nobody talked with me actively, only Vietnamese found me to talk with. They did not say hello to me, and each time when in university students formed groups, I only formed groups with people of colored skin. But I always expected meeting someone in the street who often said hello to me, like I had a friend whose mother was from Africa but father was Vietnamese. I mean in real life only black and yellow mixed blood or yellow they talked with me with passion. Africans without Asian background they took me as money tree. You know local Africans' character, they are stingy, greedy, hypocritical, and they lied to foreigners. Before I did not know and I thought that they were Frenchmen. In fact they were like me, they were foreigners. Then sentiment was still a big thing for me, and I had illusion, I mean imagination, like I was already like a little sister of a certain Frenchman. Then I thought about that Frenchman all day and night. Even I sent SMS to him just like I called my big cousin. But unluckily it was only illusion and I only had finally Miguel who said that he loved me the most. Other Frenchmen like Bobby in this group, they still took me as Vietnamese. I was disappointed about the fact, before when I was in university, I was with people from US and from France. I spoke well local languages and they were partial on me. However, in Paris France, 99% of people thought that I should be despised, so I was worried about whether I would have a group or someone to talk with even in campus. I did not have local salary then I received Chinese money from parents.

UQ group is formed by me, and it is better than Stanford group. The group of Stanford was not selected by me but by older teachers. My chosen head is Alexander Bellamy, if in France, with people who still talked with me for secret, they will say that they prefer Bellamy. Do you understand ? It is sensitive, 3M, like Moore, Martin and Massimo, even Chapman, Zuryn, there are men preferred by shenfeiwang, only one. However, only Bellamy is different. Many women in France will say that they love that Strong handsome Australian man secretly. They will not over express but they will be quiet and excited, by showing their legs or new dress of brand. Yes now you understand ? Bellamy is a popular profile, not like Chapman who is preferred by Japanese or Chinese, what's more, Bellamy is younger. Only problem is that he is a little bit fat so I hope that he will lose weight. It is perhaps my chance because we have a stronger leader of group, although not in the same department. Gradually we will all be able to see him and it will be more exciting than we find out Bailenson. When I entered into campus nobody had energy to say hello to me, but I will still be staying in campus overseas. It will be luckier for me if I am in Australia UQ thanks to the color of skin. There is never a white woman or man who has similar capacity like me, and I choose so many handsome men with different races. My plan in UQ will lead to a real success, but the my plan in Stanford requires more time. So I will pass more time in UQ than in Stanford in order to be more efficient.


 See Bailenson see US Team: Too Slow

In fact the slowest is France, then USA should not be the second slowest. So it should be fastest according to common sense. So when we do the ranking of projects, we should still place Stanford as NO. 1, even if UQ does much better and faster than Stanford. I am thinking about the habit change is according to social change, if sleeping is not so useful, then we should not waste too much energy and time in sleeping with women. The salary aspect, we imagine that in Stanford, uncles are much older, some of them are with pension, so I will receive more money. However, if in UQ, my money is not financed by you. Perhaps Perales will say that he is willing to finance me, but he will be only one or two. So if reliable financial background and base is useful, we should still put US group in the first place, right ? Otherwise, money of my big brothers or little brothers will run like water flowing. US team was not chosen by me, and Bailenson is their head. He does not have evident weakness, even if you throw knives at the target. I feel sense of security when I use his name in my email groups, because he never replies but he never abandons. As result, you see Bailenson you see team, and they are slow. In order to protect my UQ big brothers, US team will still be the first, but you will get used to their real speed and efficiency. They are indeed slow and especially James Wheaton is never in team. It will be a burden for you to develop company aspect, and he is boss according to advertisement. No reply so we do not have evidence about the identity. I want to say if you have data burden, like you have to meet a real boss of business certificate, then you'd better go to Stanford for exploring. If you go to Australia to explore secret of company, then it will be evidently slower. Africans in France they devours money and they are jealous about telling their secret to foreigners like me. So concerning data development, France is still the slowest with the strong team of Africans who eat my Chinese money first.


 Wheaton “The First Husband” due to Team Work Sentiment & Presence of Parents

I sent a package under name of director who received my rent 16522.18 euros for 41 months. The package was in post office near my residence of Epinay sur Seine, the Paris 13 university residence for 15 days, but it was destroyed due to failure of picking up. I think that people in that country do not help me actively even a little bit. On the contrary they destroyed my things and projects. Even Gilles Grenie has bad character like greedy stingy and mean, so nobody helped him to take package actively. Before in France I saw them and they were excited about platforms that they were eager to do with me, like Amazon or Ebay, then they charged rent for big ambition. I discovered that it was illusion. We discussed the difference between group in US and group in Australia, and we think that people in US have better economic base. Many uncles have already pension and some of them have their companies. They also have better political base, and I contacted USCIS from 2016. But the uncle with title the first amendment, he himself never appears and is never in team. He will lag behind once see me in real life. Wheaton will lag behind and on the contrary, my Australian big brothers, only 6 or 8 years older than me, who receive well my emails, they will win. However the team in UQ, Queensland, you should pay attention to financial background. I see it seems that Francisco Paco Perales Perez will help me for social base, then it will generate a certain amount of money. But the bridegroom with be Massimo, then he is not with Moore and Martin, you should pay attention to ownership problem. If it is your own money, 100 AUD is sufficient for financial base. Do you understand ? You have to take out your pocket money about 100 AUD for me, shenfeiwang, only for promise of wedding ceremony etc. It could even be paid by paypal. It is not serious but it proves honesty and persistence. I will remove Wheaton email two years after seeing him, so he will not be the first bridegroom like advertisement in real life. Another thing you should pay attention to is that the team work should be associated with personal work, if you have Character of Wheaton, then all things were supported by employees and family members, he himself will not be bridegroom. So if there is a test like how to organize big ceremony yourself, you will have to at least be presented then finish the group work. If you are always absent, then your colleagues will be angry then they leave frequently team. I hope in real life Wheaton will make progress about his own capacity and independence. Another possibility is that Wheaton uncle admit the team work wedding ceremony and his family agree to proceeding the wedding with me, then we will have a baby the second year when I am in US. However it requires his own presence. I will call his mother, father and his uncle to oblige him to do that, because they have better financial base. At least the presence in wedding for respect and his son Wheaton does not need to understand all. Me, shenfeiwang will do this if Wheaton is presented with his mother and father. So his family has to leave phone number to me, because his colleagues or employees have no relationship with wedding. Pay attention to logic of wedding and parents have to be presented with their phone number, right ? Then team will inform his father to attend the ceremony for free in Stanford. However if you only give us ways of contact of colleagues and friends, it will be contradictory. I hope Stanford assistants could pay attention to that aspect as well. We need ways of contact of Wheaton himself and of his little brother, and of his father and of his mother, not of an organization or of the employees.



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