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 Wheaton@ means brothers “We have two.”

In fact Wheaton or Bailenson we call like that means brothers. Before I called woman in Stanford she replied. Bailenson has little brother so I saw several versions of Bailenson. Then perhaps Wheaton has two photos, one of the photos is his little brother. That's why I feel that I can have many children with this family, many small Wheatons. Before I called that woman in Stanford, she replied that Bailenson@ means that "We have two." "We are two." "It is for family." Perhaps Bailenson's parents will also come. Because I had 3 French friends who are 1 meter 99, around 2 meters. Then if you see me the real situation is that we are with Bailenson, then ... Yesterday night I still dreamed about Wheaton, I mean, two, brothers, I thought that photos have slight difference, one is sometimes older, one is younger. Then the hairstyle, mi-long, curly, just like Bailenson's hairstyle, before, I even mistook man due to hairstyle.

Cheryl Phillips, you know, she recommended you, she said in email "James". Ann Grimes, she recommended Jeremy, but at that time we called Bailenson, means two, represents brothers. She said "Jeremy" in email. When Cheryl Phillips recommended James, she mentioned, it implied three James in the list (James S. Fishkin, James T. Hamilton, James Wheaton), the last one is more handsome. I recommended to Cheryl Phillips, James S. Fishkin. I recommended to Ann Grimes, Thomas Hayden, because she was woman who ranked fifth in list and would feel lonely. Then Thomas has character like he never signed up with his own name. I mean he did not have his course. No course with his name. Then generally man of that character pursues woman of character like Ann Grimes.

I remember the moment before I decided not to send email to Wheaton. I did a big thing like habit. I watched your whole body photo like artist, for 5 minutes. I like that photo. But then I felt sad. I thought I would not send you email anymore, 2018 December, I did not send email to you. I paid special attention. I thought that one day you would send email to shenfeiwang to ask why you did not have email. Then I will add you. But unluckily you still thought that it was Stanford public service: famous service, chain email by group. So uncle Wheaton, I mean big brother, if you still think like this, even if I meet you, I will abandon again. I will still leave you for several years after seeing you in Stanford. You thought that the email was only Stanford service, but not, it was sent by Shenfei WANG 王莘斐 who dreamed about being married with you, but failed.

Before I mistook Wheaton for Bailenson, because they had the same hair style. Then woman of Stanford said by phone "Jeremy Bailenson". I asked him "Who ? The first or the last ?" She said "The last is not Bailenson, last is Wheaton." I do not like your hair style, it is mi long curly, it implies that you do not often have haircut. But I have said that in foreign country you do not go out for haircut, you cut hair yourself. Then you do not go out searching for someone for help abroad, it is a big problem for man, because only woman have very long hair.


 Homework of Journalism Law ? Amazon FBA & Ebay

Uncle Wheaton, I remember 2017 December I decided not to email you, then nearly half year after, I had illusion. I felt excited in illusion. It was like your colleague sent me an email by saying that you asked me to continue to send you email. Because no my email no sign of Stanford. But unluckily I have not been loved like this. Then I forgot that man, perhaps with his little brother. I checked my working experience after that month, I mean I forgot all I did not feel sad and I did not have sentiment. So it is evident you are my uncle and I forget uncle's things by nature if without any reply. Then I leave you a homework now, I hope that when I see you you will do my homework, then I will not forget you. Frankly I want to go to Australia if people in US are not passionate enough or they pretend that they have not seen my emails. Before I went to London but failed, then I was upset then I went back to China. So I will not do that again, if I fail my experience in US, I will go to Australia next year, without doing too many repetitions with failures.

Then for you the homework is that you may do in your registered course Journalism Law. You may do it yourself or you ask other people to do. It is to propose a job, a real job, I mean it is difficult, because the data is in company. Then you never go to university, never reply, never see email, never know how I look like. So it will be difficult for you to really propose a job in that course in Stanford. I mean the environment change but you still do work of company. It requires all online work, like Amazon FBA or Ebay customer's service. I mean it is not like an ambiguous university homework, it is a totally imported work of company. Do you understand now ? I mean I understand your side you don't have data of that sort. You do not have Amazon. Then I propose Amazon to you, because I have done 7 years related work. It will be difficult if you have not done, there are two difficulties. First if you work in company, you will not bring any company work to university, even you do not walk inside campus. So I did not see any Chinese boss in Chinese company who go to university for any big project. Second if you really do that work with me, you will need boys not girls, boys who did all your series of work inside a company. Then you ask boys to help you inside university. It will be complicated because university is big and boring like a city. Finally if you have not seen this email or abandoned, I will not forgive, then I will think that it is not like a good husband in real life. On the contrary if you treasure my emails thanks it will be touching. Then if you make efforts to compensate so you finally succeed this work, it will be a miracle. Because me in China my biggest sadness is that I do not have any future husband in China. Then it will be a situation like I will be happy to stay longer in US, because all my little brothers in other countries do not have capacity to complete this task related to company. It is already in deep night then perhaps when I see you you are older and older then I will not realize that it is man of photo. But the level, if you reach that level, it will be very ideal to be a husband of Shenfei Wang. Because Shenfei Wang do all individual work without employees. All emails sent by me, Shenfei Wang. Then this girl prefer man who has group of that level. I mean when you appear, Wheaton, it will be a real job of fact, not a intermediate job or internship without salary. But it is a gift for Shenfei Wang, who was once so upset, who forgot you for 5 years and 3 months. A gift for a Chinese girl who always does individual work at home without reply.


Ⅲ Job proposal : Amazon for not skipping data

I call you uncle because you are more than 10 years older than me. But do not be afraid of me, because I thought I was your classmate in 2016, then I think that you are younger than me regarding mental age. I need data of company, a real US company data. But nobody bring data to university. So It will not come true. If I have time I have to go to USCIS office for immigration issues, for example how can I go from US to Canada. I will not get salary in real life, like in France, I did not have salary for 4 years. But now I know salary is only about Shopify, I mean I am doing Shopify is the reason I have salary. So you just need to pass me several Ebay accounts, for example. It requires a new series of work, from now, if you read my emails. If you do not care any my emails, I will not remember you the second time, I will forget you again.

The competition point is about data. If you skip my email, then perhaps you read one time each month, only for checking, not for detail. Then I will not fall in love with the man of that habit. But if on the contrary, you read each day even catch the moment I send email to you. It is another habit, the habit of people who do Amazon, Ebay, or Shopify. If you read message each day, this habit brings more data of victory, because data of company is about business licence and a series of platforms which helps earning money for salary. Then it proves that employees earn money for themselves, and the method is a more relaxing method. I know other teachers in Stanford, they do not read messages then students read. The drawback is that the money, yes, I mean it is not compulsory for them to produce profit. But for company the net profit is compulsory, then the platforms are more difficult. So I respect teachers who hold at the same time a company.

If you do Amazon, you see, it will be easy to know my exact date of marriage holiday, and husband. If not, if you only do courses, you do not know so many data. I have to speak out when I will do exactly what in order to maintain the store performance. That’s why, perhaps Wheaton's business licence is already in a corner of a big box, and box is very heavy and above box there are books, above books there is a computer. But we really need the business licence for one or two stores. If you buy a store of another seller, it will be more expensive.


Ⅳ Wheaton’s team privacy : Data winning

You give me a job interview during the course, it is a joke. You will have to receive me in airport. When you really do things like this, practice with difficulty, you should look at face of Thomas. Because in real life he will save your life several times, like a hero saves life of a beauty, I mean he saves you, Wheaton. I remember before the photo, the whole body photo was the little brother of Wheaton, then in my dream, it is often that boy of that appearance who appear. The big brother's face do not appear in my dream, because it is half body photo of side. However in real life I will pass long time with USCIS, then sometimes colleagues come to airport, to save us in fact, then Wheaton you are childish, as I forgot you 5 years. You do not know enough techniques of immigration field, then Thomas will complete tasks before you. You receive me in airport, second day a job interview, then you will be my classmate, desk mate. I mean I have your amazon account second day. Attention, you have to let him take out business licence, original for open account now, Amazon we do not reply it for earning too much money.

My computer crashed just now. In fact you do not have confidence, you think that inside campus you should register as student then go on. But it is wrong, I tell you, you lead interview and you tell me how to gain salary the second day. This sort of job is done mainly online so it is more advanced than university courses. I want to say that if I see uncle, it will be more than 45 years old, then nothing to see. But if you complete the job proposal with me, it will be another situation. Like even though shenfeiwang has many fans, she needs boyfriend. Then when others see me, they think that how can that be ? Is there a boyfriend who asks the team to deal with all issues of that girl and let all be done ? But they will not speak out what they think about in bottom of their heart. It is in real life, a sort of man authority, man decides more than half. But instead other teachers they use method like woman authority, woman decides more than half. I mean you have to understand you run Amazon then you win the bridegroom, that is the final destination. The data covers, but the difficulty is that you do not have so many data, like how to ship orders, logistics etc. Then you need to start right from now, it will require 2 years. But this series of tasks develop fast. You will only need 2 years in real life, because it is only for compensate shenfeiwang's work. Then you will feel proud of man authority, even that Chinese woman want to take marriage holiday she has to tell you who is husband. Good job in reality, but you do not have confidence so if you have not done what I have told you, you appear in your own course or you play truant, then even your parents cannot save you.

I understand it is not fashionable anymore if we do Amazon, but it is indeed winning if the man knows all about that woman. We do platforms in that sense, of a higher level perspective. Especially the woman often go from one country to another, without sharing plane ticket, or the woman take a long holiday without sharing the place or real reason. For the US older uncle, it is already dangerous. So pay attention to method, it is not for earning money but for collecting more data from the woman, especially shenfeiwang. I mean me when I send a new message, you do not proceed after right ? Then I have a habit to think that it is woman authority, but it is not comfortable, because it is the only one Chinese girl who has limited capacity in real life. If I tell you the real destination is only for some private affairs, you will change your mood when maintaining store performance. It is privacy, you will have more right to say, because I have to send messages to you once there is new order or new concern of customer. Then you will say that it is Wheaton's team privacy, like it is not to be published to others. We use a sort of junk culture Amazon, in that sense.


Ⅴ Gift from UQ, stronger and younger Australian team selection 

Thomas you see Wheaton’s parents you remind them of bringing an uncle married already in their family. Not only for procedure, but also for bringing me to his city. He has to live very near to parents. If he married still five minutes to parents. If you do not follow me well, I will remove your email from all groups. I know that in Stanford, it doesn't matter. But there is only one uncle, Wheaton, he will be unhappy, if I remove his email from all groups. He will not ask for email data from university, once done, he will not be happy and will be jealous. So if I meet uncle Wheaton, if you have courage not to follow me, I will remove you from all email groups. I will tell you when I will remove all Wheaton from email list, if I arrive in US, I cannot go back to China. In China I will support heavy pressure, then Chinese will not send me abroad again. My parents will first be against then the company in China they will be against. My parents are childish, so they will make efforts to hinder. Second year I will try to go to Australia, then I will go back to US again, then I will go back to China. But I will not be able to go back to US again in fact after returning. So I will remove all Wheaton’s emails to penalize.

If I have chance to go abroad after first returning, I will go directly to Australia, by Air France Klm. I have said that their plane ticket will be cheaper. Then I will reverse order of doing things. I will place Australia in a first place, I like Queensland, it will be my first property, like property of woman. Woman decides more than half. Then I will try my best to forget US, because it seems that they are first but in reality not. If US men are finally slower, it is because, one of main reason is that my skin has color. I saw Paul Moore of university of Queensland, then I discover that his skin is reddish, not due to sunshine, I mean not suntanned. Then I doubt I think that I mean only his skin has color like me. It is perhaps the reason why I think that you have courage to be so slow like abandoning. I am partial on Paul Moore because I see his skin then his automatic reply, I want to say thank you, your reply is useful, then the photo, I suddenly feel ashamed if I were already a pregnant before seeing him. I feel guilty if I am a wife before meeting him. So I will go to Australia UQ to see, I will verify if his skin is really a bit red, and what is exact the race. Before many men in France abandoned me due to my race, finally I was thrown away due to color of skin.

There is another detail which let me cry several hours at night, if I see Wheaton, I call you uncle. Please call back normally "niece" you have to call back niece. Then I have not contacted you 5 years 3 months, you slept well with local white women. But Paul Moore, I mean he is around 35 years old, if he take off clothes, it is contradictory, it is with color. So he will not take off clothes. I mean I cry because including your mummy, I want to call mummy, but during night I know in illusion, your mummy say that you need to feel ashamed, your skin has color and you use lightening speed marriage to obtain green card. He has right, my son has right to sleep with white woman when you are absent. Like this then I cry, I want to call Thomas. Then I want to call Bailenson. Then I discover that Paul Moore's skin is is red. That's why I suddenly I want to make love with that Australian man.

The reason is that University of Queensland has gift for me, they started receiving my emails 2019, but I select 2023. So it is well adapted to shenfeiwang's taste and habit. But I selected Stanford men 2016. McGill, in Canada they are younger due to language exam qualification. In Queensland they choose men according to my habit, the web manager get used to my style of email during 4 years already. So it is optimized. Wheaton I call all men like you uncle in a very loud voice, please call back niece. Even when your parents arrive even in public, uncle is uncle, remember.


Ⅵ Long future family fight: Marriage proposal or Remove your email ?

The second time I arrive in US, I will submit a marriage proposal to Wheaton, young uncle, I will do even there is only a woman assistant who reads the proposal. Then I wait for the result, if you agree you will be bridegroom. If you refuse or without reply, I will remove all your email in my groups. At the same time, I understand in the future you will never be a first husband. Because the biggest conflict will be like you ignore my proposal. Do you understand ? My demand is like water flowing, water running. If we are married in a lightening speed, we will divorce soon. Your parents will often quarrel with me and they will say that I am with colored skin. I am not the ideal wife, but you reward me a green card. On the contrary, if you do not have that character you accept, you say that you may take the challenge. If you have that character, it implies that you know the main conflict and it will not happen on you. In fact one day I do marriage proposal, it is serious and big thing for me already. If you form a habit like shenfeiwang's emails are all rubbish, we will not even talk too much in the future and my marriage proposal is not a proposal. I take plane from Paris to Montreal to San Francisco then what I do is still not what I do. I will not choose a US husband, because it will be a big cage and they are too arrogant to me with higher position or social status. Wheaton if I remove you, you only need to consult Stanford email service in the future and my rubbish creations are useless at the same time I know. If I am aunt, I will accept. Because before in Paris or on my way to England, nobody did similar thing for me. They did never give me a ring as present, on the contrary, I was chased away all the time like a slave. I did not arrive in England, but I dreamed about being a girlfriend. If I am aunt, I will try my best to hold a wedding ceremony in China with that guy. I mean I accept lightening marriage, and I am not like uncles in US. It is not horrible because you slept well with white women during 5 years and 3 months, during the period without my contact. The cage will be like a fact like US family members do not accept me, they revenge behind my back, they quarrel with me in secret. But I am not only a wife, but I mean I am a popular community manager online and email writer. Many men dream about having baby with me, I do not even take time to look at them. Unluckily I will be an US wife, then I will see my mother-in-law who bear the grudges for subtle affairs and details. They will say no matter how you are famous, I buy you for being my daughter-in-law, so I have reason to quarrel or to fight with you, colored skin Chinese woman. So to penalize, I will remove you, once you refuse or do not reply to my marriage proposal. It is also preparation for a sort of long future family fight.

Each time it will be repetition like this, after quarreling with your family, I remove all Wheaton email from all my groups. Then I run away like I will disappear, for 4-5 years. Before I did not contact Wheaton for 5 years and three months. During the absence years, I will find my little brothers in Canada and my big brothers in Australia. I will fall in love or try to make love again with other men after divorcing like this. How horrible for US men ! I understand my uncles in US, they do not speak foreign languages and they will not go to Canada to find me out. Finally they wait for my real presence in Stanford again, then they go back to meet me to let me forgive them. I understand in that case, only Wheaton, I mean he cannot live without my emails, even if university open access to my email for public. I mean he is sensitive in bottom of his heart about how and why the email is not sent for him. He will not read or think about the email which is not sent for him. In fact S. Fishkin, he never reads my emails. He does not care that detail. You have the same first name, so I suggest that you learn how to cook fish or how to swim from him. When you proceed a marriage proposal, you need to first reverse order of cooking. I mean you cook for your wife. Then you know how to hold a bigger ceremony, how to find local wedding agency, how to find housing agency. But if you do not do those series of work, I just want to say I have nothing to do with local agency. Because I only find information online and there is no local exact information about agencies. If US team finally wants to assist Wheaton, you may help me to find out at least one wedding agency and housing agency. I only know Chinese one and I never know US ones. What's more it is the uncle himself who cares about email. Then he has to finally hug me or kiss me not an assistant.


Ⅶ Stanford forming a team of 4-6 uncles, less than 10 for China

I mean the negative circulation will be repeated. Sometimes older generation think that children or family members will resolve better. But on the contrary, for example I have a small Wheaton, then when I am very angry, I leave my child intentionally for one year or two years. I do this for losing temper. So the root of the problem is that key information is not like water running. Do you understand ? For example, I often let USCIS office workers, some agents, I ask them to go back to China with me. I mean we will go back to China together for CIS affairs, such as adding Wuhan to USTRAVELDOCS. Unluckily it is like water flowing, and you run away from tasks. If all of you do like this, I run back to China then my child and father in US will not come to my home to find me, the only mother. You will need to meet Josh or Bob, I mean men I met in Wuhan China 14 years ago. Then you beg them to help you in this sort of affairs. You have to let this kind of friend bring you to China to meet the only mother. Then it will be less suffering. If I am in Australia, you may find some Australians in US, then you let them bring you to Australia to see me. Especially like I am in China, it is not difficult to live in Wuhan China, if you are learning a little bit Chinese. Why not start learning something before travelling ? CIS office is not the only legal place for starting a journey. It doesn't matter if children are with father for 1-5 years without mother.

Finally our plan will change, the first year I will go from Paris France to Montreal Canada to US San Francisco. Second year, I will go from Paris France to US San Francisco to Australia Brisbane. I hope that each time US team shows advantage like they have group work spirit. For example, if I were mother of an US child, I would return to China by leaving husband and child. I hope US husband has capacity to come to Wuhan my home to knock at my door. Then the son-in-law will be able to ask me out to go back to US. If you develop capacity in that direction, you will win the competition. Otherwise if uncles always ask assistants to do this and do that, it will be a big team of around 20 people, it will be impossible for so big team to go to China together. In my opinion, in Stanford, Bailenson, S. Fishkin, Thomas then Wheaton, you four have to be together when visiting China, as well as Canada, Australia and France. It is shenfeiwang who leads the team, so you should be less than 10. You understand your weight, so you'd better form a team of 4-6 people together for going abroad before a wedding with me.



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