Each trainee has its own exclusive promotion consultant (SC) and promotion supervisor (AC). With the help of in-depth interview (discovery), personality evaluation and other forms, the consultant team fully understands the comprehensive quality, interest direction and professional direction of the trainee, deeply excavates the advantages and flash points of the trainee, helps the trainee develop unique application strategies, application main lines, labeling activities, and cooperates with close time management control, Finally, through the personalized document structure and the unique perspective of the story presentation, we will gradually help students to build the advantage platform before application, and finally achieve the ideal admission results.

American college counselors (SC) are all local services, graduated from Teng University or the top 20 American universities, and provide students with the most professional application planning, strategy development, professional and school selection guidance, document guidance and revision and other core application services. Chinese college entrance supervision (AC), mainly overseas returnees, is responsible for coordinating and following up the whole process of students' application, cooperating with American college entrance counselors to complete the excavation of students' personality and interests, formulating practical application plans, following up and guiding students to complete the tasks of application and feedback with parents in real time.

At the same time, Shenfei Education has an SD department (Strategic Development Department). The SD department cooperates with the SC and AC consultant team to help students to "guide" and "enlighten" students from different angles by helping students to improve their academic ability, activity background, experiential class and psychological quality, and to make students truly innovative and independent while fully accompanying them. Shenfei Education Hass team's service concept based on "whole-person education" will help every dream.

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