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 CTRL+ F resume called Anthony 90 times

Yesterday I used ctrl + F to find names that I have mentioned in the resume word of my previous English emails. I have mentioned the name Anthony around 90 times. Before I wrote emails, only pieces of emails, so I did not copy and paste to the resume. I wrote foreign languages email, then I used his name as well. I mentioned the name Thomas around 60 times, but most of them are from February 2023, before I did not mention his name due to protection. It seems that I call your name more frequently then you sleep better. You will be able to dream about me. Then you will not be too upset if in reality some girlfriend abandon you, because I am still pursuing you. Especially Thomas, before I did not have time to explain. In fact March 2016 I chose you, it was for you, it was not for other men I added. Then in Stanford contact list, only Fred Turner chose me. He is the only one in U.S. who choose me actively. In Canada, I was chosen by them, three boys. I only have chance to choose Alain Vinet in UMontreal. You do thesis defense with him and he is surgeon who knows doing operation in hospital.

I can tell you my daily habit in real life which will helps your imagination and dream. During my 22 years old time, in Paris, I went out to find little brothers. Because they only know me, and they have habit to meet me one time each week, otherwise they cannot find a woman to kiss. I like the nature, I mean some little brothers reply on me by nature. For example in US, I will not go to find Thomas, because I feel tired of pursuing him. It is single direction. Then if Fred is near me, you will find that nobody is talking so easily with him. But me I find him easily then my daily circulation often starts with him. Fred you can try like you find me each morning or during lunch, I will let you find me. I explained I prefer little brother who knows only pursuing me. Perhaps you will ask him to find where is shenfeiwang, although he is in fact big brother. Then I will spend some time with giant. Because in real life giant only have one woman.


 Ukraine love with a Chinese

I remember when I was 19 years old, I had a girl friend from Ukraine. She is white and speak Chinese like mother tongue. In Central China Normal University we often met each other. That Ukrainian, she spoke Chinese too well. One day I saw her when I was nearly 20 years old, I saw her stomach, I mean she had coincidentally a baby with a Chinese boy in university. I saw that boy several times I know who he was. But unluckily he was not handsome not tall not speak English not rich. He only knew found out that beautiful smart girl from Ukraine then made love with her outside, I mean they did not find a room. Then that Ukrainian girl did not have experience. She was pregnant nearly 3 months before she spoke out. I mean before she did not know. Then I saw her parents came. But what happened next ? They all blamed that boy and the girl. They said that boy was ugly not qualified. That girl was wrong and stupid. At that time I saw but I thought like that as well. So they did not want the baby, they killed the baby in stomach.

But now after thesis defense and so many emails, I know if that girl from Ukraine find another boyfriend, it will be the same situation. The real boyfriend is not that handsome. Then even she will not meet a Chinese but a local, so it will be less handsome. I mean no matter how many times she repeat, the result will be the same in real life. Just like I say I need little brother in real life. On the contrary, only till now, I know that the baby was even the best baby. If I were parent of that girl, I would say that I would not need to see father. As parent I could bring up the baby. Even if that girl go back to our university, I mean if she travel back, she will still meet that boy, I mean if she can meet thanks to my emails perhaps. Then they will still the only to have baby. On the contrary I think that Chinese boy is honest, because when I was abroad nobody loved me like that. It was touching to have a real baby. I would not blame one word if I were parent of that girl.


 April 7, 2016 first emails sent to Stanford

During this month I work in the morning. I remember to remind you that I assigned Thomas some tasks. The first task is that he will check if I go back to dormitory each night. Because before I went from Paris to London, I hurt myself first to keep myself away from being hurt. I mean I practiced swimming, then I reacted quickly when others attacked me in sensitive points. I practiced taking too much train and bus. Then I could support long driving journey plus exercise after landing. Do you understand what I want to tell you? For example if you pass by London Paris, such as Leeds London Paris Lyon, you don't know any human attack. But if you are like me, lived in Paris, then you go from Paris to London, during process, you feel strongly a variety of dangers and human attack. Then you need to get resistance against violence, including brain and body violence. If I have not been back at night, Thomas will let me feel warm, then I will treasure myself more.

Another task is that in this group only Thomas met Lisa Lapin. Is she young ? Before Thomas submitted an article with his photo to Stanford News service. Lisa Lapin was responsible for Stanford news and she replied me a lot. Thomas said in his article he was fat with long hair and he was teacher in secondary school. Then he learned adapting himself to environment with his students. I speak out this task first time then only Thomas can do for me. I think that one of my cousins, will pursue Lisa Lapin in the future. She was like girlfriend of one of my cousins. I only have two cousins like big brothers. Then one is not so handsome but 1 meter 80. Another is very handsome but fat, about 1 meter 78. I want to say Lisa Lapin will perhaps fall in love with my cousin who is fatter and this cousin is very handsome with tall nose. He doesn't speak too much. Lisa like speaking then it will be interesting. What is the full name of Abeles ? She did sports in university right ? Like dancing. So my another cousin who is tall and not handsome he did lots of sport in university and company. At the same time he talks a lot with sense of humor. In fact if they, US women get married with Chinese men, then they will be only women in their life. My cousins never have girlfriends in real life.

Please download documents to verify if I have mistaken a person. If you discover that I made a mistake about someone in Stanford, don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks.

I checked email record, I sent emails to teachers in Stanford April 7, 2016. But three pdf articles have been completed March. I had all photos of teachers and students 2015-2016 in Stanford phd communication and journalism department. You may download the website pages. I remember I saw Stanford News Service Email subscription, one time, it was about Thomas who submitted his photo and an article. I wanted to say that I saw his photo with long hair and very fat. Then I intended to download that page. But I failed because I cried. At that time I was still upset about this kind of things. I do not often have the men that I pursued. I felt that he was lovely and I intended to save the article. But I in fact removed that email of article. I was afraid of seeing again because normally men I liked were pursuing other local women. I mean no matter how many efforts I made he was not mine. But now I have too many little brothers, especially Canadian little brothers or Australian. If DiStefano see Thomas, he will let him be afraid of me. Like he will not let Thomas touch me or go near to me. Normally like this, in Canadian opinion, people in USA have too many lovers and they are not concentrated. I am not the woman that they like the most by nature. So if they like me, it is still a taught capacity, right ? I feel sad each time when I notice that it is still a after born ability. The taught ability hurt me a lot. I assigned local women to Thomas before then I did not think that the girlfriend would be me.


 Virtual single direction lover, never pursue anyone in real life

I spent three years and a half in Paris but I did not have a local man who continued pursuing me. They prefer imitating Africans. Local Frenchmen and Africans they copy each other. They waste long time to let me feel thirsty about their money, fame, golden ring, residence card and position etc. So no matter how long I stayed in France I did not have a local child or local husband. I don’t know how to feel thirsty about mix blood French Algerian. They are so proud of themselves then I never have salary from them. Instead I had to pay all monthly rent then they still kept long distance with me without letting me get any benefit. I mean if I am already in US then US men started daily life from keeping long distance with me, I will stay longer time in Canada. My parents are childish and they do not help me, instead they ask me to go back as quickly as possible. They are never satisfied with my work, especially I did not have local salary was still my fault. In Paris residence people only knew taking away my money then did not talk to me to prove that how they were jealous. When I go back to China to see parents they say that it is my mistake. No matter how I argue my parents still say that it is my mistake. In university in Paris there is no salaried project and local teachers do not have habit of pursuing me. I had met most of time setbacks and frustrations so in order to protect myself I will not pursue any foreign men in real life. In Stanford only Fred, he is the only man who pursue me before I pursue him. Other US men in Stanford they do not move forward because me I will love them by nature then I will beg marriage. However it is a harmful habit because in real life I only talk with men who are still pursuing me actively. I understand salary or reputation are something of high position, but when you feel like falling love, it will be frustrating if it lacks the natural care and pure love. So another ridiculous result will be like I bring my little brothers in Canada to US, then unluckily they only talk with Fred. They feel like vomiting when they see Thomas. I think that DiStefano only dislike for a period of time. But unluckily this situation frequently happen in real life. So Fred is big brother then he say that in fact DiStefano himself can hold a real marriage before people in US. Then they will not need to be worried. I mean Canadians are worried about the real fact like I will be abandoned by conceited US uncles. Especially when I really need a wedding US uncles are still sleeping with local women. So they bear grudges then they only talk with Fred, one, intentionally. It will happen over and over again in real life so I hope that Fred you will come near me in order to help me to take care of my DiStefano sometimes. DiStefano is in McGill with hard character especially he is always jealous. Then teachers in Stanford or Anthony uncle, I mean, you will not succeed before the real Shenfei Wang due to lack of reaction after my emails. I will take opportunities to see parents of DiStefano, but he is more sensitive than me, he will still think that I will not be happy if future husband is Thomas. Do you understand? Because that man is never dragged in daily free chatting group with him, and that man has his own private life of higher level. I tell you he prefer who. Boris Tam, yes, DiStefano is partial on Boris Tam, a rabbit like mini Australian little brother. If Boris Tam has chance to arrive in Canada, he will also say that the best result will be like Shenfei Wang is still with DiStefano first. Do you understand Thomas ? You never pursue me so I do not have any evidence to let others keep away from me. I mean as a future husband in real life you are still a local future husband with local US women. But some little brothers like DiStefano or Boris Tam even their sleeping eating habit is very closed to my sleeping eating habit.

Do you understand what I mean ? As big sister I often say that you are Canadian then you take rest under big tree. But unluckily all of them they see Thomas or Anthony they feel like vomiting one by one and one by one. Only in group Fred, one US big brother has similar character. They only talk with Fred to fight with me. Then Fred will comfort men of similar character as well, he will say that I will go to Canada to help you to hold marriage. Do you understand? Do you often practice in real life? Me, Shenfei Wang never pursue any men in real life. I never beg marriage actively. I write to compensate the real life, so I write conversely. Even I am lazy if my DiStefano still hates Thomas then I will not go so near to Thomas. This is the only measurement when I react in reality. If you don’t believe, you may practice for example suddenly working in a big bank or in big company in suburbs to try. Then how you save energy to abandon me first in order to meet some standards. But the fact of abandoning first is abandoning all. Then the only woman who is always dreaming about marriage with you will feel upset then run away. It is the biggest thing in real life much bigger than money and fame.

I think Thomas ignores the distance between reality and virtual life. He let me complete the single direction love. What’s more, I am often against little brothers in Canada to protect little brothers by emails. Then he also ignores the importance of Canadian little brothers. In reality I am not against anyone and I don’t have energy. So if DiStefano doesn’t speak with you intentionally, he will continue. He has character like this and it is impossible to change. He will be jealous then he will say something like you keep distance with my big sister. You are afraid of this character then your body shakes. But he is heavy then especially when he appears he I will be partial on Fred. He is partial on his character then perhaps he will sometimes drag Fred into group. Unluckily Fred doesn’t talk with Thomas from very early. So don’t you think that Thomas’ real capacity will be reduced? If Thomas you even continue your old habit, the pressure will be heavier and heavier. Then my desire or dream will be satisfied by DiStefano in real life. Other men have to see his face before moving forward. I am even upset about no matter how many efforts I made, USA men have local women to sleep with. Then it will be another key factor which reduces your capacity in real life. On the contrary, my four little brothers in Canada they have good friendship and they never fight with each other. At the same time they are partial on Fred, the only man in Stanford who is still pursuing me. I mean in Stanford I am always single direction lover. I pursue all of them by email group but they do not reply. In real life they see me then they are waiting for my crazy pursuit. I have said and repeated that DiStefano will be unhappy then people in Stanford still ignore. Are you worried about your real capacity in real life ? The team work has so huge problem and it will not be a life like US men are sleeping with local women then they take one or two hours to meet Shenfei Wang then they continue to sleep. It will be like me and Canadians we do not trust US any more. My little brothers prefer Fred so I will let Fred obtain more finally. But others I will not have energy to take care of. Do you understand? If you are already Thomas’ students you should let him have more brothers. Then one of them is even from Canada, like this.


 Director bring us from Paris to Montreal

No matter how many efforts I will make, due to airline Air France KLM limitation, the first year will be France Canada. But second year it will be France US. The first year when I arrive in Montreal Canada, team will need to prepare at least one man from US or who has been to US before us. The last month in Canada, we will organize a short journey in Stanford university. We will stay 48 hours in airport San Francisco maximum. Please prepare mobile traffic. We do all day and night Shopify and we will need Internet after 48 hours arrival. The second year people in Stanford you need to select a Canadian or a US man who has been to Canada before. I mean in real life if you bring a local, you will be able to complete all compulsory procedures more quickly especially less time staying in airport and hotels.

We will need director of finance, Rousseau Alain, who bring us from France to Canada. Only me, one needs salary. Others if they receive money during journey they cannot sleep well. Before 2012 June he took plane with team from Paris to Wuhan to admit me. He was maths teacher in Paris 13 university, not French, very small. He is shorter than me. Do you know local platform ? Or do you have more platforms in your country ?


 Photos replacement of Stanford faculty list

Why you replace photo of Jeremy Bailenson ? He is amazingly handsome, very handsome. Then why you replace him with another man who is less handsome ? Before I have searched Jeremy Bailenson in search engine, then a very very tall and handsome man appeared in my eyes. I could not believe, it was with brown hair, with red hair nearly. Then you replace his photo so many times, for what ? I checked the photos I downloaded, but it was not him another time. By the way, Abeles is not the photo neither. No, before I saw a lady with nearly golden hair and white, yes she is white. Why you replace Abeles with another lady, another lady who is not white. I don’t want to comment on colour, but you have replaced several photos I have seen at the very beginning right ?? I cannot see someone very handsome anymore. How disappointing!! Before there were several very handsome and young photos, then you replaced some photos with older and uglier. But globally it is correct before they are older than me much older than me they are uncles. Then why you replaced photo of Fred ?? How amazing !! Perhaps they tried to answer me then someone say that perhaps you need to use my photo to replace original photo! Then the original men agreed. OK the conclusion is that you replaced photo of Abeles and Jeremy Bailenson. Another men I am not quite sure, I only know that they are uncles. Why ?? Why you replaced photo of Thomas Hayden ?? But since they are uncles, we do not care anymore how they look like. I continue to say why you replace photo of Jeremy Bailenson so many times.

First I have to make a big correction. Someone younger has replaced Fred Turner, both email and the previous photo. I feel sorry Fred in real life is old uncle. I receive many emails from him, but from the young. I remember before I saw a young photo, then it was not the person, but the user of email. Second I want to say Wheaton is handsome and his photo has not been replaced. Then Abeles her photo before, perhaps thanks to Photoshop, or makeup, it was white. The comment on James S.Fishkin is that he was chosen by list maker. The woman who made the ranking had preference on S.Fishkin. He is an older uncle. Then in the list there are 3-5 James. The list maker chose him then it is me who continue to write to that older uncle. Regarding Jeremy Bailenson, there are many versions of his photo. Perhaps thanks to Photoshop or similar profile. I can only say that the list maker chose Jeremy Bailenson and James S.Fishkin. Last comment is about young uncle Thomas Hayden chosen by me. It is correct but the photo has been replaced by himself. Before March 2016 I wanted to choose and hold him, so I sent so many emails of Stanford by groups. All I have done is for him in fact. Because I understand in real life people will not appear when I appear, if I have not assigned as daily routine.


 User of email & Real presence of Wheaton 

Some web developer or programmer, they use chair's email to reply me or receive my emails. For example, before and, I know because Lisa Lapin was chair of Stanford news service. So the right person does not need to take care of her email box. It was someone who replaced her. Then, Fred was chair and it was not the uncle who took care of his email box. It is still someone who replaces him. But myself, me I am programmer, I need to explore more this group work. I mean I still want to select the best email administrator. Before I saw some photos of the young who replaced the real teacher. So perhaps some of you, I have seen your photos before. I still need to select, because I have an ambition. Like, in fact, James Wheaton himself will come to meet me. I mean in real life, when you see the domain name, it does not mean the same as imagination. and, I mean me, I am the only writer. I do never employ anyone. So when I come, I will have chance to meet Wheaton. But he will only appear one or two days. My ambition is that I hope that I will be able to see him for longer time. It will be interesting if I have enough content to show to him. Especially among email administrators who work behind, is there anyone who is skilled on pursuing me ? It is touching for single direction lover, me, shenfeiwang, I mean. It is touching when I see you use to reply me frequently.


 Watched photos & Called Stanford on bed

2016 I remember I looked at photos of teachers of Stanford communication on bed. I could not sleep if I watched too long time your photos. Then I took MAC on bed and I looked again and again, then I slept a while. I even called the Stanford by phone on bed. I saw two photos of James Wheaton, then I sent many emails to his email box. I wanted to stimulate his nerves. Just like in Paris, I did not want to go to university, then I bought new clothes. I knew that I was young 25 years old at that time. If I continued to send emails to him, in real life he would appear to meet me. His body will appear. That's why nearly 5 years after, or 7 years after, each time I had a dream about all Stanford friends. Even I forgot the daily routine like seeing your photos. Surprisingly, James Wheaton appeared in all my dreams, even I could not remember why it was like this. I saw him on bed, then I tried to stimulate him to let him remember me. If it is not my own man, why I send so many emails ? I think that if one day I have many children, I can still send emails by watching photos in bed with other men I want to pursue. My body has memory, so till now I have the feeling like whether he will appear. I remember a detail suddenly. I called Stanford, a woman who often replied me said that she would change photos. The first year September I saw a young man photo, then she said that it was photo of user of She said that the users of email, university part sometimes uses their photos to replace the right person. Then she made a joke, she said that they wanted to change photo of James S. Fishkin. His photo, he was too handsome among older uncles. Other uncles were jealous. So they found a photo that had a common face, the face was more similar to other photos of other uncles. It was joke for me, because at that time, I sent the most emails to S. Fishkin, he was my uncle, and I had key to his email. It was me who decided whether it was him or another assistant who took care of his email box. Both S. Fishkin and Thomas, they are real photos. They use emails themselves. But I want to say to Thomas, in real life, I want to see more presence of James Wheaton. I have heard that they do not talk to you, really ? But the team work spirit is important if you see me. My Canadian little brothers will come with me, then we want to see the real James Wheaton. He is too handsome and he is the main actor. We do not want money from him, but we want to see the real person. Then I want to hold him longer time, so the technique will be difficult for me. I hold him, because I copied him 2016 when I lost confidence. I did not have domain name email at that time, then I thought that it was useless for me to send so many junk emails. But he uses his domain name email to replace It stimulated me, I mean it pushed me to continue to work on my email chains and email groups.



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