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Strategic Communication: Foundations

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Advanced Issues in Qualitative Inquiry

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 Questions in audience seat asked during Moore’s Lecture in UQ hall

In fact in the photo of Paul Moore, he is doing speech in a lecture hall. If I am audience, I will ask him a question in audience seat.

The question is "Paul Moore, what is your opinion about US team in shenfeiwang's emails work ? Do you think that Chinese little sister shenfeiwang's first husband will definitely be an US uncle ?"

There is an hidden secret. I want to say uncles in US they do not sleep with me. They do not sleep with me because I am too sensitive for touching. Then if suddenly I have a lightening marriage with one of uncles in Stanford, I will get some diseases. But you understand now. The evidence is that I call them uncle. The youngest uncle is Wheaton, I call him uncle. Unluckily they never call back niece. Another fact is the cooperation, uncles of that generation did not cooperate well, so well like you in fact. For example Wheaton is outside  of university, but he has to go to Stanford to meet me, then he will fail due to lack of communication with university. I hope that Paul Moore and Richard Martin, you will have a better friendship when in campus. Try to know who is Massimo Hilliard before leaving campus. Then you will be at least three and you will have a more solid friendship than uncles in USA. Especially when you go to China, you will have a relaxing team of from 3 to 5, not like uncles in Stanford of more than 10.

"I still want to ask Moore if you are a foreigner or any of your family members come from abroad. If like this, my little brothers like Boris Tam (IELTS IDP Sydney), and Di Stefano (McGill), they will not be jealous if you are my first future husband. It is a sensitive question then you can choose not to tell me, but I wonder if you were from other country ? Or your parents, even grandparents were from other country ? If like this, will you support pressure of marriage proposal of Shenfei Wang ?"

Do you understand ? I mean the future husband is cheating. The US uncle is cheating. He cannot fall asleep with illusion of shenfeiwang's email. He has to sleep with a real body. So the sexual partner is not that smart Chinese little sister. I say that seriously because I often cry for from 2 to 3 hours at night due to that fact. I say hello and good night to my US uncle by email each day and night. I thought that I was an ideal wife or girlfriend. But unluckily I am not the woman they like most. They sleep so well with local white woman. Then if suddenly I come to their bed to sleep with an US uncle, the diseases will be transmitted. So Wheaton, I mean in real life that uncle will refuse me but without specifying reasons. Even if I am in other countries after studying in US, I mean when absence in US, my US uncles do not sleep with me neither. They have habit like this, but me, if I go from China to France to US, I will still travel in Australia and Canada. They are places where my uncles do not want to stay. Unfortunately, I will not be their wife who brings babies to them. I have said that I want to have small Wheatons, but he will not permit. That is the root of the refusal of my marriage proposal. I hope UQ, the team will accept, because you are younger and stronger, and the friendship is better than US uncles. Each time my dream is broken into pieces, I cry. US men, I mean I dreamed about being married with an US uncle from 12 years old. I cry, long time, about from 2 to 3 hours at night. So I hope Wheaton, at least uncle appears each time I send him formal marriage proposal. If Moore do this, you have to stay in China till you have a born child. Good luck of your long stay in China.


 New UQ Team Secret Revealing 

The secret I tell you during first days when I see you is that in real life you are easily losing sense of direction. Then I met Boris online 5 years ago, so you will need to see him for big projects. Boris has 5 years more experience with me, then he will not lose balance if there is difficulty. But if I let you do things, you are too new to me then you will easily abandon. I am making efforts to let Moore feel touched about my email works, then he will help Boris to support more pressures. Because Boris is a rabbit like boy, younger and shorter than me, from Sydney IELTS IDP. He will come to Brisbane alone, so he will only come to meet us for several days. If his big sister fall in love with another white man, very handsome and tall, it will be strange. So naturally I hope Moore you will appear more to help us. Your color of skin is already like soy sauce, then he will not be against.

In real life, if Boris take plane or train from Sydney to UQ, it will be frustrating and his body will ache. Then he will be nervous and he will need to take drugs for better sleeping. It is stressful for doing everything alone. I will be in UQ and I will stay with you, you are a group of 8 men, do you know ? With Francisco Paco Perales Perez, he has been to London before. He is very short as well, around 45 years old. But he will let you have a good sense of direction, at least when you have energy you will really go out to meet me instead of sleeping at home. According to my travel experience, in Australia if I am married with an Australian, he will be someone thicker and stronger, because marriage is at the beginning heavy pressure. I see Massimo Hilliard his color of skin is yellowish, but he is white, I will not say I choose him to replace Boris. On the contrary, it is not contradictory for me to say, Moore please replace your little brother sometimes.

What's more you see I am not a financee of any American man, so you could not dream about replying American uncles all the time. Americans do nothing in your imagination, just like they are not with you online. Because they do not cooperation well they act more slowly. I contact more often USCIS, unluckily they do not take action. Plane ticket of United airline is very expensive, more expensive than Air France KLM. So you do all yourself and let Americans disappear in your mind. Then you will obtain more success in real practice.

I am writing to reveal two important facts, one is that you have to see Boris and Perales before big projects in order to avoid losing balance. Another fact is that I will perhaps not be married with an US uncle, then my first husband will perhaps be an Australian big brother. You may pass more time in Canada than in USA, because in Canada you catch more information, on the contrary in US you lose information. Like Wheaton uncle he will in fact lose me all the time, then I will remove his email the second year when I see him. Like in Canada, my dearest little brother Di Stefano he always say that I should be his girlfriend first but I say that he should take rest under big tree. If finally you succeed in doing most of things in China, I will not need to take plane to see you, I mean take plane from France to Australia to see you, you will be more mature. Then you will treasure more talents and treasure more the woman who like you most.

Another secret is that Massimo Hilliard, when I chose him, I saw the color of skin is yellowish, in real life it works. Then he has strong capacity thanks to Steven Zuryn, they are in the same institute, in Brain institute of UQ. Then sometimes, if the color of skin is not due to suntanned, he will not easily be overexcited. If he is overexcited, he will be upset. It will be sadness. Then Steven Zuryn represents my sexual orientation. You don't believe ? In Canada, I study Bio medicine. I prefer staying with men of science. It is my daily habit. Perhaps you are all men then you do not speak with him. But once I meet Steven Zuryn, like me I meet a future husband. It will be an interesting scene.

Yesterday night I cried again then I took drug to sleep. Because it was a true emotion, I contacted Stanford April 7, 2016. Till now they take no action to my emails. But in my imagination I am a girlfriend who is accompanying well each day and night. Even when you see me, just like a missing girlfriend suddenly appear to propose marriage to US uncles. Then I want to revenge in another way, I mean I gain sense of achievement in Australian then I will feel less disappointed.


 Being Slower: Australian Arrival & Chinese Wedding After 

First I have to say Wheaton have you changed your character ? Before you played truant in Stanford, then you cannot do everything without parents. This time when you see me, you will do all with your little brother, without your father. I mean I will bring you to China, but your father could not be with you. Because if you take Father to China, only for wedding ceremony, it will be stressful for me. In real Chinese wedding ceremony, your little brother will replace your father. I mean you are all like this. Sommer is with Di Stefano, then he replace father. Moore, when you do everything the logic is the same. You find your friend to replace father. I see Chinese wedding app, and it is not difficult to hold wedding ceremony in China, so we will hold in China, Wuhan. And I will bring Bob and Josh, for they were in Wuhan 14 years ago.

Then I have to let Australians, more exactly, Moore, Martin, Hilliard, you change a little bit your character. I know Australians are quick and excited. Your character has to imitate Boris Tam, or Francisco Paco Perales Perez, I mean you are not excited, you are not easily overexcited. Because during international journey you will meet too many difficulties, then if you are too excited you will feel sad. Moore, then I precise when you go out to help Boris. You pay attention to detail change, the detail like Boris will feel stressed, then you move on. I mean the speed, your speed will change, from quick to slow. You act more slowly please. Like this, for example, Boris knew me 5 years ago, then he will overthink and he be over worried about all my things right ? Then he will be exhausted. But he will try his best to show that he is passionate, then I will feel happy. "Stop." Moore, learn to say stop if it is too tiring for him. You will say that we care about your big sister's feeling and his is only our little sister. Then each time when he feel sour, like he has to live somewhere expensive, you see then you assist. Like this, you will discover that you do not need to see me before my first Chinese wedding with US uncle. Because the plane ticket from US, or from France to Australia, is very very expensive. Boris will say that no, my big sister does not have to see me before being a pregnant. OK. It is what Moore has to learn, you will say I follow Boris. Understand ? You say if Boris say it doesn't matter, you have more than 2 babies with Americans before going to Australia. We will be happy to see. The true love or emotion, we do not need to make a huge numbers of orders with a huge amount of money to prove. Now, have you made progress ? Try to learn the slower culture, you say that you make economics, and you do not need to buy so many plane tickets.

Then I see the Chinese wedding app, we will reserve all in US with a credit card, so I hope Wheaton you will make a Chinese US credit card with your name. Of course you may ask a financial director in company to make credit card instead of you. Then I will use this card to reserve: Plane ticket, hotels, wedding ceremony, wedding decoration, wedding clothes. We do not need wedding cars and photos, especially if you want to take photo you may do that in US. Then the itinerary of travel is that first year I go from Paris to Montreal to San Francisco. Second year I go from Paris to San Francisco to Montreal, then I go back to China. If the journey is between US and Canada, we use United Airline. If the journey is between China and France, US and France, Canada and France, we use Air France KLM. Each time I will teach you how to reserve ticket by group with cheaper price. The key is that I know someone in KLM team, a Holland man. Then he will help me when see me in Amsterdam. So the second year, I will go from Paris to San Francisco, then we will go together to Montreal to pick Di Stefano and Sommer. After we go back to US, then we go together to France. Finally we go from Paris to Wuhan, and we will spend 21 days in Wuhan for Chinese wedding series.

The bridegroom is Wheaton, so you bring your little brother, that's all. Then Fishkin is with Thomas, Bob and Josh, Di Stefano and Sommer, Bobby with Miguel. It is already 10, so we will not need to add Australians you see. The second year I will reserve a wedding series by app of mobile phone. Then we go to China for that wedding ceremony. We do not need to repeat a same one in US. I mean I know well how to reserve a Chinese marriage ceremony by credit card online, we do not need to waste money again in US. Then Moore you learn to say I will feel happy if my little sister is happy. If her project goes well, I will not need to be worried about her. Otherwise it will be complicated.


 T Hamilton Uncle is Emcee of Uncles DIY Wedding Stanford

Thomas you should help Wheaton to finish US wedding before going to China. Because to China only four US men will not lose balance, Wheatons, Bob and Josh. You will not go to China, so we will hold a wedding in US after picking little brothers in Canada. According to Chinese wedding app, it is only a DIY mainly about eating and sleeping. Our students will do together we will find a host to run the wedding, then we decorate the hall and car ourselves. You should consult web page to learn standard steps. My family will not come so S. Fishkin will replace father. is not her email. Please call her separately. We will go to China when my stomach is not big. But only four US men you have to bring Bob and Josh. Then Canadians in two, Frenchmen in two. Wheaton has to bring a Chinese financial director who deals with bills in China.

To: James T Hamilton Uncle (

Could you help me to be host emcee of wedding ceremony between me and James Wheaton? Because I have chosen James S. Fishkin to replace my father in my US wedding in Stanford. If you are emcee Wheaton will skip the gestures like first second third bow and cross-cupped wine. The wedding between uncle and niece is embarrassing. You are also uncle then you admit that you are emcee and some steps will be ignored.

We will hold DIY wedding in Stanford we will choose a hall then we decorate ourselves. We will make orders of food and drink in restaurants. Then they send food to us. I mean make orders of dishes of food online by express delivery. We will make plan of a wedding procedure well adapted to uncle and niece. You will be emcee then our boss Wheaton will not be jealous. I left message to you by iMessage already. S. Fishkin will replace father. The wedding will take place in second year when I will be in US. I will rent a wedding gown online. I plan to go back to China after being already a pregnant.

Yours Sincerely Shenfei Wang

James T Hamilton has joined us then you will be stronger. Before the US wedding, you have to complete two tasks. First, it is to go to Canada to pick up my 4 little brothers. It is easy, because only about picking up someone. It requires a week. Second, it is to go to France to pick up my father and cousin, Bobby and Miguel. My Chinese father and cousin will arrive in Paris. Only for picking up someone, it requires a week.

Pay attention, you could not exaggerate your capacity abroad, for example you could never complete a real Chinese wedding the first time when you arrive. You can only pick up someone or take train to see tourist attractions. Do you understand ? Especially assistants of Wheaton, you have to know although you are young and Chinese, perhaps, you could not bring Wheaton and his little brother to finish a real big task in China. So you will have to finish a ceremony in US, Stanford university, and we will choose a hall to do that. We will add some performance like singing and dancing after. I mean you go to France or Canada to pick up someone is the condition before marriage, because I will often go abroad then you have to take me home once I run away.


 Paris Amsterdam Airports Plane Tickets Reservation on Site

Today it is my birthday, for Frenchmen you will have tasks to complete. When I arrive in Paris, I will take bus to Amsterdam. We will take bus in Bercy to Amsterdam. It costs 30 euros. But we will take bus together, so we will discuss for discount. Then next task I don't know how to proceed. You take me to Amsterdam Schiphol airport after having getting off the bus. I will bring a luggage for Montreal, so you have to guide well the route between Bus Stop and Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. Otherwise I will ask the local, then no guide. You will take me to airport first for a plane ticket from Amsterdam to Montreal, direct flight, around 100 euros. I know in official website it is more than twice the price, but we will take plane together for a round trip. What's more, we will take your plane in that way many times. Then they will ask us questions. We will say that shenfeiwang has sent many emails from 2016. The most important detail is that we know friends in airport. Please help me to find out friends I met February 2016. Then they will send us to a guest room for a rest, then they will try to find out some friends. However, I mean people I met in airport 2016 February did not know anything about discount of plane ticket. It is my friend, more exactly, a handsome Holland man. There were two in fact, I have to take note of their email address and phone number. They did not tell me their personal email address. Then I will tell my handsome Holland man, I will say that a store Obey your Body, KLAKO B.V. had mistakenly took 940 euros from me. Then I will take the bank statement with me and I will ask for full refund. Then the boss of that store, the seller will appear, because I have sent email to KLM airline. I know it will not work. So it depends. If they hide we will go directly to Montreal. Then in Amsterdam airport, we will put luggage in a hotel perhaps and we will go to university of Amsterdam. I will make phone call to let people there wait for us. Only when we have energy or time, we go to university. Otherwise we take plane to Montreal airport. There is an address of residence of Montreal university in Canada. We will take train together to that residence. I will leave iMessage to Sommer then he will go to airport. But he will not pick us up, it is not US group, it is about only 2 or 3 Canadians. Then you may choose to go back to France or stay longer time in Canada. I will stay long time in Canada so I guess two or three Frenchmen will stay with me in Canada. Then we will let Rousseau Alain to help us to arrange salary part, although in Euros, but it is about salary in distance. Have you understood the group task ? Each time if you want to reserve you go to Amsterdam. We will take KLM direct flight with 100 euros by group. In France it is for Paris Wuhan direct flight, another trip. So if you do not often go to Holland how you can get discount of plane ticket ?


 Airline tickets fees REPLACE Wedding series expenses 

The round trip ticket price is 250 USD from Paris to Montreal, 350 USD from Paris to San Francisco, by Air France KLM or by United Airline. It is now the same price. Then if we go back, it will cost another 250 USD and 350 USD. When I bargain, I will bargain in Amsterdam airport, because I have done before in February 2016. From Paris to Amsterdam 75 USD by air, 50 USD by bus. However when you do that to pick me up, you may choose United Airline, but you will have to bargain in airport. We will bargain for only 100 USD from Paris to Montreal, 150 USD to San Francisco. From Montreal to San Francisco, it requires 250 USD for round trip. Round trip requires booking of the return ticket in advance. If only one way trip, it will cost 100 USD more. Each time we only book round trip ticket. Then from Beijing to Paris, round trip, 350 USD, from Paris to Beijing 400 USD, in total 750 USD. But I live in Wuhan, I will spend 100 USD from Wuhan to Beijing by train.

Then you see the price of a wedding, because we will not spend money in wedding ceremony. We will let Stanford do the ceremony with performance of stage. Then wedding series money will be used for what ? We will not spend money in wedding car, wedding plan, wedding ceremony for eating, wedding bedroom, Emcee is already James T Hamilton. The condition of marriage is what ? It is the full reimbursement of all my plane tickets fee. Especially the last time, we will pick up my father and cousin. They will spend how much ? For one person, 850 USD in total for coming from Wuhan to Paris, then from Paris to San Francisco, round trip, 700 USD in total. 1550 USD for plane ticket. It implies that they will only spend 3100 USD in total. It was originally for a wedding ceremony, or wedding car, but we use in that ticket plane situation. It also implies that I will buy plane tickets for my cousin and father, then when they see James Wheaton, you need to give them a red envelope, contains 3000 USD. Do you understand ? It implies that my cousin will make a American bank card in US, then you will give money to him for daily expenses in US. When I buy plane ticket you do not need to return money, the reimbursement is for the moment the son in law see father. Then they will have pocket money for use during first arrival in US. Each time when I go from San Francisco to Paris, I will get full refund from my future husband. But if there is an assistant, he will get half refund. However if they are people in the team, like Di Stefano or Sommer, they will pick us up in Montreal, so their plane tickets will be fully refund. 

Now the question turn to another question ? The company, or if Wheaton you do like boss instead of me, will you refund so quickly and easily ? It has well replaced wedding series fee and it is much cheaper. I am a boss in China so I will not say how you refund or reimburse me. However if you admit that you will need to be married with me, you will let me be Chinese US financial director for those series of reimbursement, especially plane tickets. I have asked Wheaton, this boss, to do Amazon, however it requires at least 2 years for this sort of operation. It is not for money, but it is for information sensitivity. For example, we make a deal for plane ticket in airport. In airport we can only send you the ticket by mobile traffic. However the most important information plane ticket is so easily ignored. The plane ticket is for the site. Then each time plane ticket is the most important information of email. As assistant you need to understand the airline detail.

I have not done identity verification, so I am not sure if Wheaton represents the boss. I am a boss with business licence in China, so I will do first. I will be well writing. If you do not admit me as financial director for Chinese US project, I will not let my father and cousin come to US. Then I will go back to China alone with the return ticket that I have bought in advance. But if you agree with my plan, if father and cousin come to Stanford, it will be a real wedding, then you will do bows with me during the real wedding. First bow to heaven and earth, second bow to parents, third bow to each other.


 Stanford Arts assists Uncle’s DIY Wedding

I have already character of boss, many men will not appear so evidently, on the contrary the third year men will appear. So in order to avoid this, I will go to Australia the third year, I will take half price, 1200 USD for round trip. I mean I will be good at bargain the third year for Air France KLM ticket. Then it will not be expensive you see. In reality, you will act like uncles then you will avoid of meeting me. So I will do all alone then I will remove all Wheaton related email the second year after being back to China. However normally this sort of man has white color women to sleep with, so I will spend more time in Australia and New Zealand. I will not pass by US any more, if during the second year you have not done tasks I have assigned from April 2016. I am contacting Stanford Art, for future wedding preparation. It is not compulsory, you may just admit the marriage without doing exaggerating gestures. But the reimbursement of plane tickets is compulsory for future husband.

In website we have,,,

They are directors of Stanford Art, I will send them a formal demand about wedding ceremony organization. Then you will enjoy a sort of wedding atmosphere. Frankly I am also an aunt who never does ceremony or big celebration. I am aunt of harder character, and I never have facial expression. Instead I use computer most of time. So if you do not want to move out of your seat, you may choose only to do the financial reimbursement for me.



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