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Affordable and Mixed-Income Housing Development, Finance, and Management

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I Where are my CI colleagues ?

France government email box always returns my emails, then has well returned my group of yahoo mail. I have enough with email technical team of France government. Please don't often change your email address and make sure that your email box can well receive all emails without any returning. Yesterday I passed all morning to find out another suitable France government email address, but it was tiring and I dislocated my neck. I have arthritis and if I feel tired, I have pain all over my body. I finally added, so I hope that you will be my sincere colleague like my USCIS colleagues. I feel strange if I have not written long time because was closed. I have been abandoned by Anthony uncle, but I still hope that I could be fiancee of this man of my father's age. As email groups director, I often construct and maintain email groups of people of young generation. Unfortunately, people of older generation are disconnected with my emails due to technical habit limitation. But it does not imply that I should be abandoned and I should change my sexual orientation. I need at least one colleague of CIS, citizenship and immigration, then I am only familiar with When he did not close his email, he often replied my emails. That's why I hope that if you work for government in France, you may contact me actively, and you know that we are colleagues of the same field, right ? 

I have arthritis and I often had nightmare at night like Anthony was sleeping with another USA woman, so when I wake in the morning I hate this fact then I publish emails in relevant group. I don't want to develop whether I will be a fiancee of an USCIS officer, but I want to say that in France the situation of CI is really in disorders. You know Paris Nord Railway Station, it is not scenic spot or historical monument, like most of housewives say how they passed all night in Paris Nord. You know it is very cold at night, I passed night there but the wind blew and it was freezing. I hate the train ticket machines there and I mentioned many times with you before. The new bank card was not readable. Then it was not possible to buy ticket to other European countries, and only way to buy ticket was to buy international train ticket online. The international ticket machine was broken and I tried 1-2 hours to prove how all machines were broken. I mean I have tried my bank card in all machines of this kind. Then you understand how it was painful for me. Then my bank card was not usable, however it was the new bank card of Banque Populaire Rives de Paris. Even I had enough with coffee machines there, I wanted hot water. We could not live by drinking all the time hot coffee. What's worse the currency exchange machine for exchange EURO to money of other countries did not work then the only employee was not often there in office. I asked that man in money exchange office then he said that he had no money in fact. So it was a huge problem if you really wanted to change money in Paris Nord. Besides, it was only a part of the CI chain in Paris, you know there are still other sensitive points like hotels, visa center, university residence, Disneyland, airport, stores near airport, public WC, banks etc. There is no immigration agencies in Paris so I worked for CI all that year 2015-2016 without any salary. People only flatter things with boss and salary, nobody cares your international notoriety about CI issues. Now I stress out here that your skin of face is thick like brick and you don't care the negative influence of miserable France UK citizenship and immigration chain.


II Gilles Grenie, Director of monthly rent

42 months, I have paid monthly rent 233 euros (Total monthly rent 406.04 - CAF 172.80), 43% has been reimbursed by CAF. I have paid nearly 9786 euros for university residence CROUS. CAF is Caisse d’Allocations Familiales. From September 5, 2012 to February 2016, I paid well the monthly rent 233 euros and it is the money from China. 406.04*42=17053.68 euros, this is the total amount of rent that has been saved in my account of residence in Paris. Including the money given by parents from China and money allocated by government. The attachment is the person in charge who received my rent,, I am not kidding because the residence account was of his name. He took my rent then he gave salary to several employees. At that time he was always fragrant and I was always smelly. As white man of French nationality, people come to France were dreaming about being married with this sort of man in bed long time, from the moment when they were born. Especially one day, Africans could have French nationality as well or white color baby. He often told his employees "We did not have enough pure earning each month." So the condition for me to stay there was always the money. Then unluckily, the team did not often use computer, then they did not mention my rent. Yes, they did not know who paid or who did not pay. So employees received my money acted like they did not receive. They were innocent without charging my rent, even they did not appear 2015-2016 due to a new building beside university Paris 13. I mentioned many times that they moved to a new building then they did not work for me for over 6 months. They only arrived when my parents came and had serious demand. So it did not deserve the monthly rent, especially I paid a lot simply hoping that I would have a good night in bed. Unfortunately, from December 2015 to February 2016 I did not have room to sleep due to my parents' arrival. They did not take care of that issue, I mean they did not resolve. Even till the last month, they only charged my rent without mentioning the refund. I wanted refund of 6 month, including all July and August, because there were 3 summer holidays' rent that I had paid for. But I was in China, then at least 1 month rent could be refunded. But they did not have money to refund, because they took my rent as their salary without remaining the data base for reimbursement. They did not have preparation for any reimbursement. The last year September 2015, I left my account simply hoping that I would receive salary as well. I put my bank account in my document then they did not mention just like they did never see. But in that year, my only resource of money came from my parents. The agency CROUS, more exactly,, this Monsieur continuously took out my money for a part of salary of employees, without caring about whether I had French money in France. Then my parents blamed me due to the fact of lack of French salary, then they did not want me to stay in that expensive place. Of course, if Monsieur Gilles Grenie conducted a project of salary, some people left more quickly due to some misleading habits. For example, in companies, it is too money oriented and they only care about profit. So if someone always wants to obtain money in France they will leave more quickly France in real life. I mean companies are more partial and superficial without taking personal feeling and real situation into consideration. Even when I completed my rent each month, university residence employees did not take care of my feelings. We could deduce that if they gave money to the poor, how bad treatment I would meet. However, I did everything before they asked simply dreaming about receiving a peaceful life, unluckily I did not receive a so good result. I wonder why Frenchmen always smell good, then foreigners always smell bad. I never had salary then I hard worked for paying each invoice and bill I received, then it was still long time for people there to get training before starting talking with me. For them, they should get at least one year training before each my demand, for example I left my bank account paper in document of residence then they pretended that they did not discover that paper and they did run away to avoid of mentioning my UK offer. I did never know employees were at the same time so fragile and jealous about UK things even they should run away to avoid of seeing me again. People in France did not care about foreigners and it was never against any immigration law, because there was no European immigration law. It was unlucky for them to deal with affairs of a Chinese, then they took me as a Vietnamese who spoke well French and should serve them as slave. But evidently I was with American character, before arriving in France I was with people in USA more than 7 years, you know. My USA teachers often say that when locals think that they take advantage, they earn a lot, it is not a bad thing. Because things are evolving, one day you catch their pigtails easily. The pigtails are more worthwhile than money, because money cannot exchange everything including people's weak points.


III Assurance Horizon V.S. Housing Loan

Banque Populaire Rives de Paris Epinay, this Bank charged me more than 100 euros each year : Assurance Horizon 69 euros (One time each year). COTIS RIV ET MOI 2.86 euros (One time each month). In total : 69*4+2.86*42=276+120.12=396.12 euros. In this group I have added two banks, one is bank of China, another is bnpparibas. But you know in fact if I take plane to Paris again, I will meet BPRI, but unluckily this bank will only have capacity to propose me a sort of housing loan. The credit is French money and it requires me to transform the loan into salary or profit. But it lacks details, I want to stop your intention like this, I mean the habit of placing a new employee who only knows accepting silly propositions is a very bad habit. Why ? Because if I have a loan, I can still use 500 euros per month in France or in Europe. I don't have capacity of using too much money myself. For example I use CDiscount of Amazon, but I don't know what is cheap in France. How to buy the cheapest product source in France ? It is a rather stupid question for people who were born and bred in France. Of course, like I am Chinese, I naturally know how to buy a cheap thing then sell in CDiscount for a higher price in China. In Canada, I know, I mean he understand more quickly this sort of thing and I don't need to develop. But it is before you, people in France or in UK so I have to develop. The problem is that all Frenchmen I know are too handsome so you don't know subtle details about how to earn money. I have assigned Rousseau Alain ( because first he is not handsome not tall, second he is not French. Do you understand why you meet me but after 10 years training, you still have to say that please take the loan of our bank ? Because you have not practiced enough, and if you really have loan or you are really in charge of the bank, you understand that the person of loan lacks details about how to complete the whole tasks. Now it is easier to understand. For example, a person in bank who wanted to employ me, had the loan for products in stock in warehouse of CDiscount and Amazon. Yes, he had to use FBC and FBA frequently, especially FBA of many different countries. Then he meets me who wants to find a job, and he hires me immediately for the detail procedure of FBA. People in bank can speak out the demand like this, and they don't need to hide due to rules of bank. Because only in this way, can they hire more foreigners. However I have never met an employee in bank who can conduct an interview in this detailed way. So in famous places, people are less intelligent right ? There are more new employees than old and experienced employees. So it is of no use to be hired by a big bank. But there is exception, for example I have mentioned the man who met me the first moment I came to Bank BPRI. It seemed that at least his father is Algerian, because his last name is Arabic name. But that man is French perhaps because he is brought up in France. It is not so strict, we can also say that he is Algerian, or we ignore this detail. I don't want to develop the nationality, but he knows more product source than me, evidently. He knows how to sell and buy things in Euros better than me. Then if he even has account of Amazon or CD, it is also a big concern for him to invite people to help him as well. It is most of time Ebay or Shopify, because business licence is related to tax. Then if you don't do tax declaration it will be again the law. I mean if you want to do the cross border e-commercial platform, you can choose shopify, this sort of platform does not demand business licence. Of course you can also buy an account of another seller, then you use your own bank account to receive the money. I mean the market of platforms, you will meet, we can buy an account of CD, in China it costs only 60 euros for an account. The account is empty and you can use your own bank card to activate the account. So in this example, we can start the project more quickly due to the monthly subscription fee of platforms, nearly 40 euros per month. Even in university we can do this, because the student card has less profit for an individual who really needs salary circulation each month. OK now you understand, the bank ? If you simply give me the loan, then Bank Populaire Rives de Paris, you know that I don't know how to use huge amount of money to start my own CD in France. I can only use RMB to buy product source right ? So I still use RMB then you lend me a huge amount of Euros. Do you still know me or are you in my group ? Are you really familiar with the money or salary circulation ? For example, I use 1000 euros for investment, then I receive profit 200 euros right ? So 200 euros could be my salary, and the rest of money we still use it for investment of product source, platform fee even logistics fee. Then how can I use 10000 euros so easily ? Or 100000 euros ? It requires a local or a maths teacher who is like accountant, then he knows how to use euros. I am good at mathematics so I am similar to a Chinese accountant. I need to have more courses and experiences in Europe till I will be an European accountant. So next time if people in bank you see me, you may have a new image, without acting like you are new to follow me. You can have your own way to do the homework and you have process, so you don't dare to publish your process, even in a big bank.


IV Box of candies & Dizzy with illusion

But my real GWF number is 037050902. This is the ID that you should mention in each document. I have paid 398.83+1500+200=2098.83 pounds for my UK visas. In my CAS E4G1FX2E21Q0E9, you see receipt of 1700 pounds. The nationality sensitivity should be transformed to immigration sensitivity, because I often hear people say I am Paris born and Paris bred. I mean she wanted to say she was born in Paris with French nationality, but she is at the same time Algerian, because her grand parents arrived in Paris as Algerians. Then from generation to generation, she had directly French nationality. Unluckily in Paris most people still take her as Algerian with discrimination. She was innocent, although black. You did not understand Canada or USA, but many of local Europeans talk like they are familiar with their culture. When you see my receipt, in fact, the first receipt is sufficient already, you don't need to see many papers. I mean the first UK receipt is enough to prove that I am legal, and you don't need to move directly what you have prepared at home to the site. Have you understood ? Because when you saw me, I was on my way to UK but failed all the time. Because UK officer did not understand any papers, including their own visa paper. It lacks detail, so you are not exactly like Canadians, and you don't have immigration common sense. I have met many of you who pretended that you could avoid of mentioning any immigration related topics, even when you have to mention. But in fact it is responsibility to mention directly immigration sensitivity things, otherwise it will be against immigration law. I don't have many friends in Paris so I always remember some of them, then I think about one or two over and over again, finally discover that in fact they are married already or they don't feel like taking care of a little sister. I took too many buses and trains September 2015 to February 2016, then I often felt dizzy. I ate candies, like you see in attachment, a sort candy. The box of this candy is about a picture of two lovers. They were sharing the candies. Sweets are not the objects of transportation, I mean not exactly. In the first time, you feel dizzy so you take sweet and acid things to stimulate nerves, then you will feel happy and excited. Just like what ? Like illusion like family members were still waiting for you. Your boyfriend was still thinking of you then he was waiting for you to pick you when you went out of the train. Then like fiancee, illusion like making love in many romantic places. Then what's next ? I should say that I hate the taste of that sweet finally, because it is not enough acid. Next thing is that you feel tired. Finally you enjoy the fact of being abandoned. So it was not at all romantic to take car journey and transportation is a lonely and tiring thing. I should choose sweets that were less acid because even my teeth could not support being stimulated. I kept that box of candies because it was a little bit acid, and with less taste. Especially when I saw the box I still remember that I was travelling and when I was in Chinese universities, American teachers and French teachers often took me as a very close friend. If in Europe you see a person who was enough tortured you don't need to be acting like you don't know any foreign things. You should on the contrary speak out the truth, like Shenfei Wang could not support if my parents said that her things were irrelevant. Even if she was outside there should be someone who counted the time for her about how many hours she spent in the train or bus. Then how you prepared a juice or cake after she went out of the train, still smiling like there was really a boyfriend who was waiting eagerly outside for her to see her. However I was not that lucky all the time in France, so I hope that I would be married with an American, who had habit to speak out the true feeling in the exact moment we needed the true feeling.


V Salary from rent & Exposure of character

I have checked the rent of residence that I have paid, 404.13 euros (2012.9), 384.13 euros (2012.10-2012.12), 389.36 euros (2013.1-2013.8), 439.36 euros (2013.9), 554.36 euros (2013.10), 399.36 euros (2013.11-2013.12), 401.59 euros (2014.1-2014.12), 403.02 euros (2015.1-2016.3). So you see the monthly rent varied. I have paid all but when I check my receipts, I have not found the receipts. You have only sent me the bills but in fact you don’t have time to prove that I have paid all you sent to me. So it is a big burden when I recall your rent related things, next section our title will be “Residence Habit Rent Slave”. Then we will develop more about all details related to monthly rent.

I remember when I was in secondary school I have asked my USA teacher why he did not have money to pay but all the time people asked him to give out money. I wanted to know why he stayed in a place where each one only knew how he was a money tree. But he said that he still gave money if people asked, because it could exchange other’s shortcomings and weakness. Like loophole and catch other’s pigtails. One day you imagine you ask people to show their weak points, will you be scolded ? So when people only know asking foreigners to donate rent, it is the same situation like if the rent is given, then characters will be exposed. I have bought the right to expose their characters, including I can reveal the fact that they have hidden in the deepest part of their heart. I mean I have to put in the first line or first paragraph, is that you take me as money tree, money machine, salary source then you hide a lot before me. This caused even barriers to your daily conversation.

Monsieur Gilles Grenie often said to his employees they did not have enough net profit. So each time African origin employees they took my rent but it was not enough for monthly salary. Without any doubt, the teachers of university Paris 13 did not take the rent. But when director Gilles Grenie distributed the money in account, he gave money to employees hired by him. But how were those employees treating me ? They still kept character when they were in Africa from the day when they were born. They only know “Just like the French”, “Just like the French”, “Just like the white”, “Just like the white”, I mean the only sacred man like god is French Monsieur Gilles Grenie with Algerian background, not me. They hid before me because I was taken as money machine. I was 21 years old when I was with them so I did not menace like I needed money according to labour contract. So the group took money from me as their salary even it was not enough at that moment. So they had no money to submit to CROUS administration. Evidently only Frenchman with Algerian background Gilles Grenie distribute the salary only to employees seen by his eyes. I mean the contradictory relationship between me and his employees is that I am not sacred like god, but he is sacred like god. He was married two times and had a son and a daughter. But like I often say in my emails, when you laugh too much in the morning, you cannot fall asleep easily at night because you cry at night. The bad habit like Africans deduce my surroundings, including my age and people I know. I mean my friends are of the same age as Gilles Grenie, you see in the group, those USA men, they are too old to stand out so they don’t always speak, but they are 15-20 years older than me. Anthony ( is older, nearly 18-25 years older than me. You are actually in group of same age, then you failed guessing my environment, I mean the environment of money machine, that Chinese who speaks French like Vietnamese. The bad habit cause circulation and health problems, so strangely the fourth year 2015-2016 you ran away to another building beside university Paris 13 to avoid of seeing me, because you are too afraid of failure of receiving money from Shenfei Wang, the money tree. I remember each time I asked you why you did not work for me, the only one who paid all monthly rent. You said that you are “Just like the flower”, “Just like the flower”, you needed sunshine and watering. So you took money to stay in Paris without working. But in fact it is not always lucky to stay in Paris after 2020 due to epidemic situation in that famous city. And you exposed too much your flower character before me, Shenfei Wang, so I know that it is too ugly to let this character be seen by my international email groups, including immigration groups like USCIS.


VI Only children and birds have sympathy on me, “money machine” 

When I entered in that expensive residence, the first moment the window handle was broken from the beginning. It was not me who broke the handle. Then I mentioned at least ten times till the moment I left France, nobody repaired the handle. Each time the African man employee came then he said that he did not want to repair it. It was complicated to speak out. So it was strange each time, I have left my bank account to that residence hoping to receive salary or bursary, but nobody mentioned this detail. On the contrary they only received well my monthly rent. Even last year I was expecting the annual September party, night party then one night I went into the first floor, I discovered that it was noisy, but I did not think that it was the party so I went into my room. Then 2 months after I did not meet any new party, then someone told me that it was well organized. Without me ? Why ? The question is the same, why employees who received well salary in that residence did not call me out for the party ? I participated in that party previous years, why not called me last year ? Why you have seen me but without calling me back to eat and drink ?

It was sad 2015-2016, I was wearing my colorful wool dress and I wander in the street. Only children they saw me then they asked me why so lonely ? They surrounded me because they saw me previous years. I was like a child in France because I have not been brought up in that country. So my daily action was closed to a child. Then in library children of 5-12 years old they saw me, but so sad with big baggage, they were sitting long time around me then they talked about how they were thinking. Only children in Epinay had sympathy on me. They did not know I was money tree so they still cared about why their big sister was alone with big baggage. I was too tired then I fell asleep very quickly, they came nearer to me and they laughed. I did not sleep well in airport so in library I slept with big baggage there in a softer sofa. Birds had pity on me, especially during Christmas holidays. I was sitting alone beside stations then suddenly many birds who knew me were flying above and around. Yes, I often played with birds pigeons beside Seine river. Each time when I took photos for birds they ran away. Each time they saw me then they came near. They knew me and they stayed long time around me during those cold nights. I was sad so pigeons knew that me I was sad.

I will mention again and again those hidden things in first paragraph of next emails. So questions including why did not repair window handle, why did not mention party, why did not mention my bank account for avoiding mentioning salary, will be asked again and again. The class of labour force is not fair, I remember one day I have mentioned the detail before wife of Gilles Grenie. I have said that do you mind me exposing your weakness each month ? Then the wife, Frenchwoman with Algerian background, or Algerian woman with French background she said that me I should go away. She despised Chinese and I should keep distance with them. But it was only for mentioning the real relationship between monthly rent and exposure of character. I have bought right to expose your shortcomings in the future. Especially when I am hiding in China and I have more than 10 years to reveal. Then you said that you felt angry but you received my money so quickly. So Algerian French men were not so strong in education as they considered themselves. They are not like Americans especially some USA people abroad. They did not have a so good education background like those people of USA. I think that one day I will be married with Anthony uncle then I will hold an immigration agency in USA. Then I will not mention my memory in that expensive residence by emails on the contrary I will tell my French stories before my American friends in order to protect me. Anthony is older than Gilles Grenie so if I have a child with him my child will be able to see daughter and son of Gilles Grenie. Then the relationship like mother and children will pass from generation to generation. USCIS group, I have said, if they come to Paris they have to put Paris into USTRAVELDOCS, so they will have chance to see my mothers in that residence. They are my second mothers and fathers in France so I hope that even in the future time we will be dearest friends.



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