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2023.6.1 Smell of Email Users

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Called Stanford 3 times, is the handsome man same as photo ?

I continue to reveal secret, my readers like reading secret and truth told by me at night, at deep night. Before 2016 September, I watched photos of Stanford faculty on bed and I called Stanford on bed. There was a woman who often replied me. I asked 2-3 times details about James Wheaton. I just wanted to make sure whether the handsome man was exactly James Wheaton or it was only user of email. I asked if for example Wheaton in real life was someone very fat with mustache. Then the woman said that we did not have any photo of man who was unshaven. She used the word unshaved. I asked her if it was the real person. Then she said that she clicked the link, then there was another photo of Wheaton. But I did not want to ask her whether there were two photos. I asked her whether those photos were of the same person in real life. She did not know. So she mentioned the user of, she said that the photo was still user of email. Then I even had a dream after. Like the old uncle Fred gave the assistant tasks, like assignment of the email management to the young. In university courses, it often happens. Many students were around him then the teacher assigned tasks to the young. I asked that woman if the photo was only representative of thefirstamendment organization. She said that it was about Wheaton. But I just wanted to make sure, make sure, whether the handsome man was Wheaton himself or not. I pronounced Wheaton |wi| in French way, like |oui| in French. Then she imitate my pronunciation |wi|. There were two photos, one is half body another one is the whole body photo. I just wanted to make sure, because in Paris I did not want to go to university. I had force to let others go first. I understood the force of a 25 year old lady, me, I continued to ask him to go out to see me, then he would follow in real life. I sent emails to Stanford without reply then sometimes I wanted to abandon. I felt like abandoning just like I did not want to go to university. But I continued my work of email thanks to his work. He used the domain name to represent himself. It was a sort of companionship, I mean I created my domain name 2 years after to imitate him. Before I thought that all people will find him for salary, because in university in Paris, it often happens the fact like we do not have any salary, any money from school. Then an organization gives us money perhaps. It was the meaning of the organization. But now I do the similar work, I know that it is only for representing himself. I mean it was only for showing himself, not for showing the group. I am thinking about if I call again to ask for his real presence, will I have to give more gifts to Wheaton ? Not like Thomas, if he does not appear, I will scold him. But if Wheaton does not appear, I will give more surprise to him, like I will bring my Canadian little brothers to see him. I plan to go from Paris to Montreal in direction of Rousseau Alain, the teacher who took plane from Paris to Wuhan to admit me. Then I will go from Montreal to Stanford with my little brothers, then I will stay in Stanford for a month or 20 days. But if I go to Stanford the second year, I will go directly from Paris to Stanford, so Wheaton will not be able to see Canadians anymore. I hope next time he had courage to show himself if it is the right person. Because he appeared in my dreams, till now he could appear in my dreams. Then I did not know if it was the right person. So it was a pity for me, shenfeiwang who liked him by nature, and copied him by nature, then I felt proud to say that he was my big brother in Stanford all the time.


 Investigation on Wheaton’s 2 photos Stanford

I continue to reveal secret. I asked the woman of Stanford by phone whether it was the real James Wheaton two or three times. The first time I asked her then she said "Wheaton, we let him do his own things." But I wanted her to do a research, at least an investigation. She had to investigate whether the photo was exactly the person himself. The second time I asked her by the second phone call. Then she said the same thing. I was angry, I thought that the woman was a sort of basic worker, who did not know higher level of communication with department. My demand was similar to assigning her a task to let her ask faculty whether it was the same person. She said that there were just two photos of Wheaton. Before in website, the first photo was whole body photo without background, but the second photo was the same and the only difference was that it was with background like grass. So we knew that photoshop was used to remove the background. We remained the shape of whole body then we removed the background of photo. Then the new photo was in attachment, a half body photo. I pronounced |wi| like |oui|, the French word, |wi|, just like |Oui-ton|. I was fans of that man, because before I thought that it was only for presenting his organization. was only for amendment in university, I guess, like bursary for students. Then I created my own domain name and 2 years after. I understand that he only wanted to represent himself. He like a feeling of group or feeling of boss, the character similar to my character. I bring Canadian little brothers with me, and due to generation gap, our team prefer younger teachers in the first moment. Finally I thought that Wheaton used his own real photo, and it was not user of email. I want to see him if I arrive in Stanford, but not compulsory, if he has forgotten how to enter in university long time. In real life I will hardly be able to see someone that I pursued. Even teachers of older generation, they have their own women to sleep with so they will only arrive for several days. Before in Paris nobody came intentionally to meet me, then your little sister with excellent school degrees and certificates only want to see you in real life. I have not asked you to be a teacher and it will be my own task. I will find Spanish teachers in Stanford to help me to complete degrees then I will not force all of you to come out in real life. But before I left Paris due to lack of sense of family members. I mean I was never member of family among locals in Paris. I will feel happy if someone come deliberately to see me or to take me home when I am abroad. But I am realistic and I seldom think that all my dreams will come true.

If Wheaton is presented, I will stay longer time in US, on the contrary, I will spend less time. Because I am not used to exploring life of man of middle age. When I contacted Stanford, I was 24 years old, and I knew old uncles had already women to sleep with. The older generation respect the local women so if they see me they will help me only when I am demanding. I mean if I have not submitted the demand, they will continue their old habit. No matter how I explore or pursue, the result will be the same. I cannot say something like you could stop sleeping with local women, because I am virtual most of time. So my real future husband will be Canadian little brother. Then when they see Wheaton, they will perhaps talk with you. Then I will be happier. Because uncles, like Thomas, this uncle will be jealous then be afraid of me. I will have a strong group and in my group the younger generation do not spend so much time in sleeping with local women. They are busier and more concentrated in my emails. Then they do not have habit like sleeping with local women. I am pursuing Thomas like a single direction lover, although that uncle is not handsome. I imagine that he will be able to help me when I am in danger. But there is long distance if I still need to make love with old uncles. Before I saw user of email of, I mean some users of email in Stanford are relatively younger, then they will catch me more quickly. The smell of use of email, I think. I like the smell of user, before I saw a big brother who was not tall but with a lovely character. I felt the atmosphere when he was presented. I mean the woman is more sensitive even if you change photos. The woman is sensitive because she needs to select a man to sleep with as well. So if I see the real Wheaton, I will stay longer time than usual. In fact, you see smart student like me, I only need to touch you or see your eyes. I don't need a so qualified teacher in Stanford. If your body is not beside me, I will feel upset and stay in Canada with my little brothers like habit.


Users of email & Photo replacement

I pronounced Wheaton, like French word, oui |wi|, oui-ton, oui, then the woman who answered Stanford phone imitated me to pronounce |wi|, Wheaton. I asked her two or three times by phone whether the photo was Wheaton the right person, the first time I asked her to make sure in faculty. But the second time the woman continued to say Wheaton you let him do his own things, and there were only two photos. I thought that woman was only a sort of basic level worker and she did not do deep research or investigation. But she told me after I mentioned Wheaton, she said Fred Turner's photo was the user of email. It was a sort of recommendation I thought. Because the user left a deep impression and the photo was an indeed handsome young man. I cried one time for the message left by him, because at that time 2016, several teachers mentioned him. It was atmosphere when he was presented, like he was jealous then he did not talk with the older uncle. It was his smell. I did not mention Fred then it was that woman mentioned before me. So she recommended that photo, perhaps she felt guilty. That user of email has not left his name or some information. Then in real situation, we deduced that that young handsome man was not happy but he had interest on me, I mean my emails. So me I was touched, like only woman who sleep with you remember you. It was so sensitive and it was only replacement of photo during that year. Now it is already 2023, 7 years after, I still lost tears when I recalled the situation of user of I mean that man was not like he imagined, he was not Fred Turner then he would not be presented for uncle. As for me, the little sister who dreamed of sleeping with that sort of man, I mean I am sensitive till now, the user of email had done something touching and impressive. Even several women teachers mentioned him before me. I stayed in Paris 4 years but nobody pursued me by email or by any other method. They did not want to waste time to pursue me because they thought that I was like Vietnamese slave. Then suddenly in Stanford, someone liked me but he was in fact not the uncle, not the teacher. I thought that if me I could appear I would let him appear then stay longer time with me. It was the same sort of sex disappointment. But only the woman, I mean me, has the feeling and impression on that boy who was presented only less than one year in Stanford.

Regarding user of email,, and, I contacted Stanford news service 2016 April 7, with my closest teachers in communication department. But then, it was the email which replied me a lot. Email address was canceled. We deduced that the users of this email canceled that email. Several women used the chair email, right ? Kate Chesley used her own email as Apple ID and I called her and also I heard her voice of recording. was used by men, it was only for receiving emails. The right person did not appear or used his own email. But he was a man I thought, so I still wanted to investigate and accept him as my big brother. Is there any man who used that email still want to see me when I arrive ? Then you will be my big brother as well, because I contacted Ray the first moment I wrote email series. I started first email April 7, 2016 to Stanford. It was chance and it was also stimulating. I know the person who used as Apple ID, it was the right person. At least the right person was working himself or with technician. In Stanford communication department, I checked their email one by one, then only was Apple ID at that time in the year 2016. So he was the right person and his photos were his own photos. He checked my email then that uncle was sensitive and he reacted more quickly than any other uncles. I thought that if my things were successful with only one man, then it would be successful. I understand the risk, like perhaps all my emails were sent to wrong people, the risks like I fell in love with a man but it was not the right person. So I only called Thomas many times, because he used his email and Apple ID and iphone, I know from April 2016. Others I am not quite sure if it is assistant who checked the email. So my suggestion is that Wheaton, you may create Apple ID by your Gmail. Or you left the phone number for me to call. Then it will be more smoothly. I mean I checked many little brothers in my email groups, I verified well their identity by phone call and photo. I hope that one day Wheaton's identity will be checked by me.


 Imitated Wheaton, I have business licence, website, plus domain name email

I am thinking about the website, I have website of my company and, my company is Wuhan Shenfei Spanish Portuguese Education Consulting Co., Ltd. which was established in September 2022. I do monthly tax declaration and it is legal regarding rules of tax bureau. In fact I contact, and Wheaton, there is a barrier, I mean a qualification. If I am not with business licence, I will not understand what Wheaton really wanted to express or present. In fact, it is evidently personal presentation, like me, I never employ anyone. It is only me who is writing without any employee. Before 2016, when I was 24, 25 years old, I made a phone call to Stanford. I only wanted to know whether the photo was Wheaton himself. Then the woman who answered my phone continued to recommend user of It was touching because someone was upset due to my absence. There was sex disappointment, I mean depression atmosphere. It seemed that the boy who represented Fred was jealous and sensitive about my things. So some women teachers felt guilty then they told me to pay attention to user of and it was a lovely boy. I cried and till now I cry. I have just lost tears because I was alone in Paris 4 years. Especially I had habit of searching for people who were partial on me, but unluckily there was no. I was abandoned in airports in Paris 3 months then I slept there. Nobody had habit of kissing me before sleeping so it doesn't matter if I am abandoned. I was touched and I am now touched because even in Stanford, there was a young boy who was sad on the fact like I did not pay attention to him. In Paris nobody was sad if I did not like him. If there is still someone who is depressed because I do not like him enough, it exists the fact like I did not add him by email. I went through more setbacks than local women so I remember the detail of that boy till now. Even there is no his photo anymore and I don't know his real name. I am thinking about if all my uncles do not appear in Stanford to meet me, I will have to find someone younger. Uncles they need to take care of women who sleep with them. Me, I only send emails in group and I do not have a body to be kissed, so I am not that useful. Then younger generation they do not have fixed women to sleep with and they do not often need girlfriend. So if I appear, I go from Canada to US, I hope that the younger big brother will take me as girlfriend. But I do not care because I will take Di Stefano with me, he is my little brother in McGill Montreal Canada. He will not allow any other men to touch me.


Preference of uncles regarding wedding bridegroom

There is something I want to say privately to James Wheaton, if it is really the correct person of photo. In fact, you do not know the rules of society, I mean if you appear, even there are many uncles, even old uncles in Stanford, they will throw me to you. Do you understand why ? Because there is something even Thomas he cannot compensate. For example, I said that my Canadian little brother Di Stefano does not like Thomas by nature. He thinks that uncle is not qualified due to too good feeling when sleeping with local women. I suggest Wheaton you find a colleague to read my message before you then he remind you when I have asked him to remind you. You may simply employ an assistant who do this. OK, then we continue to analyze. Uncles in USA, they have habit to say I feel good when women ask them to sleep together. They think that it is natural because they are indeed old or ugly perhaps, then woman is in urgent need. But character of James Wheaton is that even me, I thought that I was not qualified so I did not contact you during 5 years. I thought I did not have business licence. One day I have a real business licence I think that I am qualified to contact you and say directly some passionate words. However, you are younger you never know you should appear more, so it will not be a hard task to you when uncles can replace you most of time. I have a Portuguese teacher Correia, he corrects my iMessage sent each day. I mean I send an imessage to him in Portuguese each day. Then he send back. He is also uncle with a boy who is about 15 years old younger than me. But this uncle, he is fashionable and he suggest and encourage me to do more fashionable things. He will ask me why I do not choose Jame Wheaton ? I mean when I was in Paris I met him in university, I talked very close with him just like he was my father already. Do you understand ? Each one has his preference, in US those uncles prefer Thomas, but in Europe, those uncles prefer James Wheaton, even in Canada they prefer James Wheaton. Another fact is that I do not stay long time in US if I have time to go from Paris to San Francisco, I will stay longer time in Canada. So my uncles in US they will finally think that you are useful to catch the real body of shenfeiwang, that beautiful Chinese girl. So it will perhaps happen if you understand your real appearance counts a lot. What's more I need a big brother to persuade little brothers in Canada to let them take more rest. Do you understand ? Finally it is not a Canadian who support the first international marriage concern. I unluckily do not have little brothers in US, and all of you are at least 10 years older than me right ? So to a certain extent, James Wheaton is also uncle, but if you do not understand the rule of society, you can choose not to appear, just like you never reply me by emails or iMessage. It doesn't matter, because even woman in Stanford who replied me by phone did not know who was exactly James Wheaton. I asked her to do deep investigation and research in faculty but she couldn't.


 PhD in Stanford & Older teachers’ courses

The Drive links of admission documents, they are what I did the previous years and the following year, I am now still applying. You see in Europe they are better in Master. So if Stanford you do with me, do the PhD, because I am sure if you do master it is not better each time print the document then put seal on printed paper. I will apply for a master Spanish exactly the day before I go to Stanford, before I buy plane ticket. Then it is confidence problem, if men in Stanford think that they keep distance with me or they sleep with women, then I will go to a Master which only admit Spanish speaking teachers. I mean I will only speak with people for South America, most of them are women. But you will have confidence bug, I mean you are never so strong on master.

Pay attention to group capacity, you still let teacher I selected like James Wheaton, you still let him do the PhD, do the course. I see the attachment, before all courses of S. Fishkin, for example, can I select the course of 2015-2016 ?? Then in fact if you admit the history you will do a good result of PhD not master. The European problem is that they are cold, men there do not admit women of foreign country, except you find them for language skill practice. Then I think that you have self esteem, you will win if you continue PhD, not like I will make a new master when I really arrive in Stanford.

I hope user of email, you pass me the exact name like this:

Mikaela Parker,

Mikaela Allen, Assistant Director of Admissions

I need your real identity, because you are ideal to be partner of James Wheaton, when his identity is verified by me, I will have to find a close partner for him. It is more likely man like the user of email, or user of business licence, website, then very handsome in photo.


 Sitting beside me, if you continue to play truant

I am thinking about, you only see whether there is a new message or not, without consulting the detail. But you need to clear the mail box, especially, the storage is limited. So if you see too many same title messages, you clear the previous messages, OK ? Second it is the key information, like whether I am already in France or somewhere, I am now in China. But one day you do not see new message, you will feel jealous. I know, especially man of photo, the one I have put in copy. If no new message, it means that I am concentrated on another man. As assistant of Wheaton please check storage of email, then set an Apple ID for the email. I need to send iMessage by iPhone to him. For example I arrive in airport then I send iMessage to I mean to Thomas Hayden uncle. If you continue your habit please pass me a phone number thanks. Then the phone can also register recording voice.

If there is a narrow seat beside me, you may take James Wheaton to sit beside. Then he will not run away from school. I think the only sensitive problem on me is when I leave seat. I only leave seat when there is formal exam. most of time Spanish Portuguese exam. My level of Spanish is not enough for daily conversation, but I have very good score in DELE exam. I mean it is also a sex problem, in my dream I made jokes with a Frenchman in US very very long time. it means that I chased after that Frenchman then that Frenchman ran away but failed. But if you arrange Wheaton for sitting beside me I will not waste too long time in foreigners. Because in fact the situation like I let a Frenchman in US ran then I catch him then I laugh by speaking pretty well French, it is french. but Spanish I need a teacher to correct and all. So you understand if I leave seat only for learning Spanish and Portuguese.

If Wheaton always play truant, we can put him in a private seat without too much public attention. He will not to be exposed in fans. Then we will have fixed life we eat drink chatting with fixed uncles, always Thomas Hayden, James S. Fishkin, Jeremy Bailenson, sometimes Steve Hawk. If you see me I have time to work with people of USCIS we will see Anthony uncle. Then it will be fixed in dream you don’t need to be afraid with so fixed life.



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