2024.6.1 Paypal Invoice sent to Richard Martin Ⅲ


2024.6.1 Paypal Invoice sent to Richard Martin Ⅲ

Professional Engineering and the Business Environment: Global Practice

(ENGG7901) Queensland MASTER Electrical Engineering (Pro) (3 Credits)

Faculty Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology

Schools Mech & Mine Engineering School, Sustainable Minerals Institute


Communication Systems

(COMS4105) Queensland MASTER Electrical Engineering (Pro) (3 Credits)

Faculty Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology

School Elec Engineering, Comp Science


 PayPal Invoice banned by Wheaton’s Appeal

Yesterday night till morning, I have more than 5 dreams about kissing. The little brother of James Wheaton was kissing me. Because your employees, exactly who, filed an appeal for my PayPal ID due to excessive invoices. This is the only sign from 2016 till now. Thefirstamendment company never gave me any sign. However you banned my PayPal ID invoice function. This is the only reply till now. You do not have Stanford students team to replace you and your reply is very difficult and disappointing. I sent you invoice each week and it was automatically by PayPal. Many thanks for your dispute and appeal. Yesterday night and today morning, I frequently went to the WC. Then I fell asleep. Do you understand? I went to WC then fell asleep again. Each time it was a sweet kissing dream. You were kissing me in your own dream then you sent me that sign.

Those months from January till now, till June, it is about the title PayPal invoice sent to Richard Martin one two three. Then I will select new talents from MIT for the reason outsourcing company, like TP in France. June and July I will make a new selection for MIT. Environmental stimulation is important and Richard Martin is handsome when I feel like sleeping. A good feeling with him when dreaming. Then the first husband will be jealous. However you need more team members, because the technics of outsourcing company is a difficult topic and it requires talents from MIT. Please update photo section of your website. MIT especially young men, Shenfeiwang will select you for Apple Customers’ Care project.


 What is the name of little brother ?

Stanford Email contact list has been updated. Stanford could you update website with real photo and exact name of little brother of Jeremy Bailenson and little brother of James Wheaton. If you do not have courage to provide their real name, why first husband ? Then a phone number of the real person. It implies that my first husband will arrive in Stanford to update his own information especially photo and name.

I have added a Chinese little brother, around ten years old younger than me in our group. When he is accompanying me, I feel myself younger and more easily to get success. He is at the same time most handsome among all Chinese men I added before. I have been colleague with him for two months already for McDonald project. His name is Guan Zifan then he is tall, and he never knows my email groups and email chain. They do not have publications just when having lunch we are together. I know in other countries you are in my group but you do not eat or play with me during spare time.


 MIT team assists Stanford, how in reality ?

In fact if in real life, the first husband is Di Stefano, it is never contradictory. Because in Canada we could not reach US, US people do not often go to Canada. In reality, if me I arrive directly in MIT, you will feel like nothing to do. Then you will not be hardworking, because you are all men older than me. So the actual plan will be like I will arrive in Stanford, then my dear classmates in MIT, especially Daniel Alvarez Gavela, Tonio Buonassisi, Themistoklis Sapsis, you will arrive together in Stanford to meet me. Then I have checked the background, I know that the fastest is Daniel, because he was in Stanford the same year when I was online in Stanford. Then Buonassisi, you are also fast thanks to UC Berkeley experience. I had student ID of Berkeley and Stanford as well. You will not be able to enter the campus due to accommodation and school gate. But you are here to save me, a Chinese and you have to follow well Daniel Alvarez Gavela and Tonio Buonassisi, like this it will be a good team, stronger than a Stanford team, right ?


 Buonassisi, Singapore ?

Buonassisi, I have read many times your page. Then you have many experiences about Singapore. The photo was not too well taken, because you were frowning. But you are only eight or nine years older than me. So Buonassisi, you made huge efforts in real life, but it does not often have ideal result right ? So I have decided to be partial on you then you will pass me a better photo. OK ? Because if you mentioned Singapore in many interviews, the recruiters did not understand then they did not let you pass. You had less salary chances, but your girlfriend, I hope, will be more beautiful and from China. So you have not wasted time on Singapore. Your signs of email is not strong, so I have let web administrators to inform you and remind you. In the future you have to remember to read emails of shenfeiwang. At the same time, you help each other in the same department.

In fact there was an interesting detail between me and Buonassisi, the first time I saw him then at that night, he appeared in my dream. But the first time I only saw his picture without anything of his CV information. Serpent I thought. In my dream I was holding my baby, in previous email I said my husband would be James Wheaton. Then unexpectedly Buonassisi was watching long time very concentrated on my baby. Then the second day I checked Buonassisi information. The second night I made love with ssisi in whole night dream. Then the name I remembered was ambiguous like ssisi. I called like that in my dream. So I guess the photo was taken for matching the recruiters. In real life he has contrary character. It was delicious when I was kissing him, then it was another feeling.


 Buonassisi, Germany ?

Buonassis, I contacted MIT 2018, and some people, my fans, recommended you to a Singapore project ? Have you been to Germany ? Related Experience:

2019-2021 Associate Director for Outreach, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology, Singapore.

2018-2019 Director, Accelerated Materials Development Programme, A*STAR, Singapore.

2004 Visiting Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics, Halle, Germany.

2002 & 2003 Visiting Researcher, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Freiburg, Germany.

2001-2005 Graudate Student Researcher, University of California, Berkeley.


 Themistoklis, Ocean and Director ?

Martin Bazant, he is also from mathematics department, and I need more than one man to help Daniel Alvarez Gavela. It is too slow for me to choose a new series each time, so team help me to take care of sentiment of Daniel. I will find a partner for you as soon as possible.

Some questions to Themistoklis Sapsis, what do you mean by ocean and director each time ? Do you know director means what ? It implies that you are boss of certain business licence. But do you have a company or business certificate ? How do you define ocean and director, some wide and ambiguous words like this ? You are around eight years older than me, and what do you mean by ocean engineering ? Before you studied mathematical science and I only have better base of mathematics regarding results of science. So I call directly Daniel Alvarez Gavela, then if you studied maths as well, it will be a good hobby. Sorry I do not know anything about mechanical engineering and you will give me a relevant course if you meet me. Then Per Urlaub, we do not see any his publication is his page, and we only know that he has Ph.D. of Stanford. Each year Themistoklis had an experience, but too abstract, especially the definition of ocean and director. You mean if you are director and you are responsible for salary like this, or simply the director of conference ?

Themistoklis Sapsis, what do you mean by ocean director ? Does it implies that you swim well ? Are you good at swimming ? One day I will bring Wheaton’s children for swimming in a swimming pool, will you help us to better swim together ? Because my kids’ father, Wheaton, he doesn’t swim well. But if you are director without salary, you may in the first time meet thefirstamendment.org that company for a job position, because Wheaton is boss of that company. Themistoklis, like, like ocean, just like ocean, you know, are you willing to be a swimming teacher ?


 Younger in group MIT requires Meeting 

Albert Wang, best performance among all Chinese in group, how can you have the name Albert ? Then Sebastian Lourido, in Canada I have applied for PhD in medicine, in Montreal university. Some of my classmates are in medicine as well. For this period, you may only find Daniel Alvarez Gavela, because nearly same age. My strongest subject of science is mathematics. I have also chosen Bazant, then I will pay registration fee for degree of maths. So I will have more classmates of maths. Albert how can you have that first name ? When did you come to the US ? Similar question to Buonassisi, why during four years of Covid 19, you were not in the US ? What is your country of origin ? When did you come to the US ?

I will assign your emails to other groups, you may also only pay attention to mzwierlein@gmail.com and urlaub@mit.edu, etc. because I know in the first time it was only an agent. But others are younger, so you take care of your own MIT and google mail. You may find a place of meeting in university, and all of you just bring computer or mobile phone, you may meet other members of email groups. It is your job in fact, you have to find a place similar to library, but a classroom enough big which allow you to talk together. Like this, you will meet each other more easily inside university.



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4 https://imes.mit.edu/people/research-staff

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