2024.3.25 Paypal Invoice sent to Richard Martin Ⅱ


2024.3.25 Paypal Invoice sent to Richard Martin Ⅱ

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I Selection of Martin: Frowning and Nose

I remember when I selected Martin, in his photo of first page, he is used to be frowning. Then his nose is not high not pointed. I want to say, me, my nose is high and pointed. I have an occidental nose, and I have straight bridge of nose. So I didn’t select him at the first time. Then I went back to my own department social sciences, because I select too many of other departments, but my own daily classmate I have not chosen. I remember Martin’s photo then I wanted to select him. I clicked his first photo and his second third photos are more handsome, but I am jealous I think that he is married. He is not the most handsome, I mean especially his nose is not perfect. But his overall performance like his writing works, his age and his habit. I suddenly feel like laughing because if you know all about me before I say what kind of woman I am, how will I be able to hate you ?

Then yesterday night he told me in dream he did not have a fixed team. But he said too quickly I mean he talked too quickly in English. I only understood globally meaning. My English is not so good to understand too quick words. Then I guess it is because the local knows that shenfeiwang likes you the most and they are jealous. But in Moore’s class foreigners do not have time to read emails, so they don’t know that Moore has also been selected. I will form groups in social sciences class with the local. In France Paris I have been well abandoned the first day they formed group for courses. Then thanks to that dream I kissed him again till morning I fully woke up.


II Martin performs better thanks to Moore

I am afraid that the US first husband project will only be a draft in real life. Because there is long distance between reality and imagination. Especially like Wheaton, the real big brother and little brother, they do not have enough ability for pursuing the same woman. For example, when my uncle does things he is busy about company outside of campus Stanford. As result the little brother of Wheaton uncle will only arrive after receiving my invitation by email. However I have said that inside Stanford we do not have enough big event. Then in US we do the long queue each time so I will not be able to stay long time there. Instead I will stay longer time in Montreal Quebec Canada. Then when I arrive in Australia, it will be more than one year due to high cost of plane ticket. Then in fact if Moore has really met me in the first moment in UQ, he will serve much better than US uncles. Because he will have more chances to meet me in my bedroom. Of course another question is why I have not selected a new series of US men in Stanford for younger generations. But the problem is the same, is that the distance between home and real Stanford is too long. However the university of Queensland is not that famous, and I have big brothers like you. So I will not assign marriage burden to my little brothers in Canada. The real first husband is the man who often stays in campus in real life. So I predict that if I meet Moore and he successfully deals with all my things, then he will be husband of fact. But he has good friendship with Martin, so he will reward me to a white, like Martin. Then I have big worry about Australian road and government those things. I am not familiar with direction of Australia, but I am more familiar with US government. I will try to get more information about this. I mean in real life I can only support a man who comes to my bedroom to meet me. If it depends on me, whether I organize big event for meeting that man, I will only be able to meet that man one time each year. So in fact I hope Moore, you come to my bedroom to help me for doing anything.


III Added Matthew from VUW

I have added Matthew Johanson from VUW New Zealand. I do not know any man from Otago, I only know woman. In whole New Zealand I know only one man. Matthew Johanson not Matthew Dagusch, the second name is from UQ. Regarding a new selection of talents, we will do together more interviews. Especially you know the result after you recommend candidates to shenfeiwang. She will at least add that candidate in an email group, then that candidate will receive salary by PayPal. However if the reviewer is not shenfeiwang, not that famous, the interview will become result no content afterwards. So you understand what you see is what you get. When shenfeiwang select new candidates, the platform shenfeiwang has its own rules, especially benefits like email chain and PayPal. If I have energy, I hope that I will select and add more participants. However the time and energy is limited for me to do the selection work. So at the same time, I do not believe that in some movies, men or women they fight each other for lovers. In fact we need more talents, but in real groups we seldom have time to choose more. Like for example, I said to uncle Wheaton that he had to take out his business license for creating Amazon account. At that time, his difficulty is not money, but he could never find out his original copy of business license. It is often in a corner of bedroom under many books and other heavy things you know. So if he starts business with me, he will react too slowly without dealing with any invoices. I hope his little brother will react quickly to compensate. At least you complete the salary disbursement before the end of each month.


IV Three hours interview with Perales

In fact if Richard Martin, you have given me courses, you will say that shenfeiwang you finish your big dissertation of wedding plan, it is the first thing. Because many my teachers in France, they have taught me, they often say this. Then generally you are more sensitive on social change, then you will follow Francisco Paco Perales Perez, as well as me. I selected him two years before you in UQ.

In real life it is difficult for me to really reach a place then meet the right people. Even if I really meet people in group, I will dare not to talk because I am yellow from China. Then I will find black people to talk with in the first time. They will feel like talking with in most of occasions. So if I am already in UQ, I will be able to meet Moore maximum. Even perhaps talk with him only one or two times in the future. Others like Martin, I will think that he is married or with gold ring. Then I will try my best to show myself before big brothers. It will be hard, so you have to know how to start all things yourself even closing your eyes. If you close your eyes, you still know the road inside campus, you will be stronger than US team. Because like I often send them emails, but many of them are retired. If once you have time to interview me, you will pass three hours for an interview, then you sign contract with me, like this it will be more efficient. However at that time, you will not be in campus. You will suddenly meet each other thanks to my emails then I hope at that time, Moore you will still be able to call out Martin, if he is not married.


V The US First Husband is the Third in reality

The real speed and efficiency in real life is different from imagination. The first husband of USA will be ranked the third in fact. Then the real first husband will be from Quebec Canada, then the second will be from Queensland Australia. There are many factors which influence the efficiency, including first race and habit like sleeping with white color women. Second replacement, if you hire a person by money, it will be slower than yourself. Third interpersonal relationship, including a fixed best friend who calls you out. Fourth the place inside or outside of campus and self presentation including the lack of real full name and real email or phone number. OK, next time we will call the little brother of James Wheaton the third husband. We will start analyzing those elements. First the race is evident when you are tired. In fact a white color family go out and they do not often talk with people of color. Then there will be a long hesitation between your imagination and real action. The hesitation includes even the parental opinion and white color girlfriend's opinion. What’s worse, some Americans they sleep with white color girlfriends long time, then they suddenly go out to talk with a yellow woman, they do not have that habit. Second, the replacement is slower than you do it yourself, like a test in campus, if someone replace you for obtaining high score, it will be cheating. Then the risk is that it is in fact dangerous in the long run. The placement employee could not really replace the boss. Many uncles or retired teachers they do not understand the basic rules, then they assign people to meet me. I feel proud to see more people but unluckily the husband will be the man that I have really seen. Third it is the relationship and friendship. I have chosen classmate for Moore and Sommer, I mean the partner has to be a real partner whose appearance and body shape is nearly the same. There are many factors which influence friendship, including character, environment, habit, age, education background etc. At that time in Quebec Canada McGill university I have chosen a good partner for Di Stefano, then he will be a better husband thanks to Sommer. In Queensland Australia UQ, I have chosen good classmate for Martin, then he will be lucky thanks to Moore. What’s more, in UQ, the team can be reached more easily. Team members they click before computer faster and with higher frequency, like they have more publications than James Wheaton, an US uncle. We can define that they act more quickly thanks to high quality of masterpieces of thesis. The fourth element is the place, I have said many times, in real life a person outside of campus can hardly go inside. Then even there is a big disappointment when little brother of James Wheaton arrive, it is that he has not done self presentation yet. He has not published his own email. We do not know how to call him directly. Instead we call his big brother. There is long distance between big brother and little brother in reality. The depression is also from the difficulty for them to come into campus. In fact the intelligence door and identity makes a person come into campus difficult and slow. So I can predict that I will be able to meet the boss of company only one or two times, which is impossible for organizing a big wedding. So from the above, the first husband will not be from Stanford. But my little brother who speaks sometimes French in McGill will be the first husband in reality, he is Andrea Di Stefano.


VI Outsourcing Company TP & Izly Card

In fact if you pick me up each day before and after working, I will be sleeping better. Recently in my dream I have been sent to work by Wheaton's car. I have talked about the third part company like Teleperformance, then in real life, if we meet each other, we need to take advantage of that sort of company. I don't know in US or Australia, which sort of third part company do you often use. The first part company like boss is presented and easily be contacted. However the real boss of salary end a job very quickly. Then we need a sort of company which is only guaranteeing the right of first and second part like employers and employees. For example in TP company we do Amazon project and Associate helps to resolve cases of Amazon sellers. The platform customers' service requires this kind of big third part company. A new series of tools are used frequently, for example we use account to switch status like online, offline, lunch and break. Then a new excel will be generated each day for publication of time you use during working. The international project customers' service center is more advanced than local school daily settings and salary comes out faster. I have asked university of Paris 13 and Paris 8 in countryside to contact Teleperformance in center of Paris, in order to let them join Izly card project. Then the rather poor university will have a financed project which lasts longer and better. So if you contact quickly company of third part, you should let them join in before you receive shenfeiwang. Then many advanced tools will be better used. Do you understand ? If the boss is Wheaton then the time of employment will be limited. But if all uncles are at the same time working for a third part bigger famous company, it will be successful.


VII Apple Customer’s Service Center & Stanford Summer Project

I will arrive in USA in June, because my birthday will be in July. Then if Thomas Hayden appear, please still help me with the project in Stanford, without Thomas the project will be mountains and rivers. If each teacher holds one project of limited time, the project will be difficult and slow. Especially if you are not interested in shenfeiwang during Summer holiday, I will be away back to Canada or Australia. Then you should pay attention to project of US with a third part, for example Apple customers' service center, then you let all participants enter in office with the same card then they deal with cases of customers service, like chat case or phone case. Like this the uncles' project will be inserted then salary will be guaranteed. The money will not be limited by loan of bank. You understand ? Especially like accommodation and insurance will be guaranteed, not like in Paris, the real boss was me who salaried a lot the landladies of university residence.

I kiss better if you pick me each day by car, then you afford the residence for me in advance. Before in university residence the salary of employees of residence was my rent. I paid salary for the Africans. I felt sad for their indifference when I met difficulties. But Wheaton you do this for me, I think it will be a deal for the woman of boss similar character. Then I will be sleeping better for more invitations. The strongest capacity for leading financed project is still in USA. I have a better base in Paris but uncles there are from Algeria, Africa or Vietnam. I was very poor in Paris and at the same time gave salary to employees of university residence. But in Stanford you should use Apple customers' service center and outsourcing company. Otherwise uncles abandon quickly due to limitation of loan. Pay attention to method, in the first moment even my fiance takes part in a common nationwide or worldwide program, then it will be divided into smaller groups during spare time. My wedding will still be in fourth year so you should also pay attention to shenfeiwang brand and do according to her wedding plan. If I have not finished writing my dissertation, you should remind me on time as well. 



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