2024.2.14 Paypal Invoice sent to Richard Martin I


2024.2.14 Paypal Invoice sent to Richard Martin I

Academic English & Thesis Writing for International Students

(WRIT6001) Queensland University Postgraduate 3 Credits

Faculty Humanities Arts Social Science

School of Languages & Cultures


Intercultural Communication

(COMU7311) Queensland University Postgraduate 3 Credits

Faculty Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Communication & Arts


I Registration UQ 100 AUD October 2023

Yesterday night I dreamed about you, because my registration of social science PhD started October 2023 in UQ, and my classmate is Richard Martin. Then in my dream Martin and Moore you were together for lectures, I mean not working but listening to others’ speeches to kill time during working hours. Then me I wanted to talk with you, but you were not familiar with me. Then the class of teacher Hilliard, I mean he did not know me neither. Then a very romantic dream and I feel happy when woke up because I saw my big brothers.

I am thinking about my big brothers in UQ, then when Chinese man comes to find me for affairs, I feel unhappy. I often think that they have too many things for me to do. But works are not assigned by Moore. If I thought about Moore and Martin when sleeping, I felt uncomfortable when other men came to interrupt me. However, in fact boss paid for his participation. I doubt if Americans have capacity to send me to Australia. If they are not at all interested, I will take plane from Holland to Australia without passing by US. It will be cheaper. So Wheaton uncle you are in team and if you pay attention to money that I will gain, I will have more money to pass by US and to buy more plane tickets right ? Then at that time, Wheaton are you skilled on image of combination of boss and boyfriend. No matter which character others have, I will still put Holland and Australia plane journey in first place because it is cheaper for me. So Moore you will see me, but most likely me alone.

You see my registration time and receipt 100 AUD. My PhD of social science started October 2023, then Master of communication will start April 2024. We have to add Alexander Bellamy, because this year there is an existing registration program. You see if it is with Bellamy, will he find a team which is better financed ? You still cannot find Hilliard right ? But Bellamy, I think the director office often falls down in university, because normally the director has not been well financed. At the same time the business licence experience is missing. Not like me, I mean I have Chinese business licence and as a boss I invest at least 2000 USD each year. Have you seen my links of online store ? They are expensive to buy. So you may better discuss with Bellamy, you see if it is possible to be more concentrated. You are all in campus this year, but next year it will be out of my registration paid period.


II Stanford should act before UQ

It seems that it is useless to send emails in real life. Nobody reads messages before taking action. Before I only talked seriously with USCIS, the US government. They often replied me before 2020. The base is a practice background, only in this way, will university take real action. So the first four years are more likely a project like one country each year. My capacity background is that I travel from France and Holland. Then it will be faster and cheaper to take plane of Air France KLM. My parents are childish parents of housewife character, 4 years after, they will ask me not to go overseas. So I will try to persuade Frenchman to receive me if my parents arrive in France. But they are very mean to me as habit so they will not hold any ceremony, including wedding ceremony. I prefer Wheaton, this uncle change his character and the result will be like I pass by US each time before going to Australia. However they do not read emails and it is not necessary for me to imagine a wedding ceremony. What's more, Bailenson, their head reacts more slowly than Bellamy. US team is also a sort of slow team.

In fact the atmosphere and emotion of environment is very important, if an American uncle see his function and leading role, it will be faster and happier. On the contrary, if people in US do not go to other countries, they will not make big decision of wedding. So we have to put our talent into full play, and the environment of Australian talents contribute a lot to the better mood of group. What I want to stress out here is that, in Stanford I contact uncles from 2016, and they have more financial base. So I suggest that people in Stanford go to UQ for a visit. On the contrary, my team in UQ do not have so much money to go to Stanford for a visit. They are younger and they are not retired. I hope that the whole team in US Stanford follow well my suggestion, otherwise I will go alone from Amsterdam to Brisbane in order to save money, especially fee of plane ticket. Many of you ignore my emails like spam, however, the condition is that you know the weight of money. I will not have enough money to travel with you, then I will travel alone. If you have a strong team which recognizes my email willing, you will know that you have to go to Australia before a real wedding, with Shenfei Wang.


III Official Seal Evidence & Transcript Degree

We have talked about business license in the last email, and many evidences are over weighing individuals, for example a company stamp is heavier than personal stamp. The official seal of a company could be a store evidence or logistics service agency related evidence. Many people do not have that seal and it influences even their loan limit. The loan limit is exactly the salary related factor, do you understand ? Your salary is only loan of the bank, and if the boss has public account and business license, the loan will be faster and easier. Many individuals go to university simply for transcript, but the real official transcript which is related with the degree, has to be sealed. We want to stress out here is that the seal is the real seal in a real situation, and the secretary is the person in job position. Like this, the paper transcript of a certain course will be validated for degree of the ministry of education. I see many universities ignore that step, and it influences the delivery of the real degree. They use too many digital version seal and evidence, then they come back to say how it is an alternate or part time job. It is the participant himself that forgets the facts, then the final degree flies away. You see company seal has to be used more often and more strictly, for most occasions. So the official paper has to be well written and printed. You never read my emails so I will use more paper and seal in real life with an official job position. Then I will transform my emails to official paper of evidence to let you know what has happened and what will happen. Then I will scan the real paper and send you an email to take note. Finally I will throw away the scanned documents if there are too many in office. I have a stubborn and stiff character about proofs and final result, even if it is sometimes interrupted by financial situation or accidents.


IV Moore helps me to call Martin

I am thinking about going from Amsterdam to Brisbane, then we go together to US to meet uncles. I keep coughing and I have a sore throat those days and nights. I can't sleep well with coughing all the night, so I do not have energy to contact you. But a good Saint Valentine's Day to you especially to Richard Martin, my classmate, then a happy new year of dragon. In fact teachers and students in famous university do not attach too much importance on money earning in the morning, on the contrary the night is more important. If during night, an image like me, shenfeiwang appeared in UQ, but unluckily kissing another man, it will lead to an horrible night experience. I suggest that you do not imitate too much company model, on the contrary you have your own course. The course is free for all people who are presented. Then you give score to your students including a lover inside. Why ? Because money cannot save all, you will have the score of exam to prove decision, right ? For example, many courses of social sciences are combined with arts and culture departments. Then a course of title Moore, it implies that he gives final score. Then Moore you do me a favor, you invite Martin to be the assistant teacher. Or the opposite way, the course of title Martin, you invite Moore. Then you will ask students to form group, but you yourself form group with me. Because your little sister is stronger than you, then it is colleague relationship in your own course. Then you will sleep pretty well, like with me, I will not have time to kiss another man. Then you extend the course period, you give final results the end of semester, like I will call you while sleeping.

According to my character, I am a registered student with UQ ID, so I will follow courses. Then when I am on bed, I cry out loudly the name David Chapman, then Paul Moore. What's more, I call Paul Moore with only one time mouth opening. I mean call first name and last name together only open mouth one time. Then when I see Moore I will ask him if he has seen a handsome colleague Martin, who is perhaps already married, I guess. The course is free for all presented people. Many bosses of company invest a huge amount of money, but without participating in even one course. So do you understand the difference and your advantage dear ? Your course and exam score is your money. Even you know shenfeiwang is Chinese student who has three or four French degrees with high mark. Then if the team has that woman, the score of the whole team is above general. So you conduct a course with your own title, and the course is indeed long for touching the real shenfeiwang. Then it will be happy, because me, I do not have any uncomfortable detail. Not like colleagues in those companies, they are with many bad characters. Then you sleep pretty well without too much money expenses. It will not be a waste of time and do not demand too much money. With a good level of teacher, you will feel more proud when meeting me in restaurants or cafeterias.


V M&M team should have his own course

You understand call Paul Moore with only one time opening my mouth. It implies that at night I eat him and Martin like eating M & M chocolate candies. If you have employment experience you know that if you call one person more than once, it requires wages. But I call many big brothers for free, it proves my ability at night. Even you never give me your bank account and I only know your email. If I come to Australia, others including Americans will not accompany me due to lack of UQ ID. The same, if I go to New Zealand, Australians will not accompany me due to lack of Otago ID. So if we meet each other in a certain country, I will first help you to do the ID registration work online. Then you will not feel jealous, because you will only see me who come to UQ alone. Other Americans are not with me, even though they have better financial background. Then pay attention to the plan, the third year of my travel overseas, I will go to UQ from Amsterdam, then I will stay 1 or 2 years without coming back to save fee of plane ticket. During those years I will go to Otago, but I will not go to New Zealand for too long time, and plane ticket from Australia to New Zealand is cheaper. So prepare a nice degree program work is your job, most ideal effect is that Moore, Martin, Matthew and Massimo, you have four your own course with score, with Bellamy, like this my transcript will be with a better result.


VI US wedding draft & Practice fails in reality

In real life, expectation is often contradictory with reality, if the ambition is too big, the practice will fail. For example, when I am writing emails, Americans in US they react too slowly. That is to say, uncles have been replaced by younger students of group. However, the better financial base and team cannot replace the real uncle in the real wedding ceremony. Especially we cannot ask an employee in company of Wheaton to be bridegroom each time. They react slowly due to lack of practice and the older generation sleep more than work. What’s more, Stanford or Harvard is too big and it is related with too much dream and imagination. If I want to do a concrete program inside, other teachers are not so concentrated. If I continue to call uncles in group, they will ask some students to replace them. Then the circulation is not so quick like situation in university of Queensland. I mean the ambition is often related with failure, on the contrary if you think in a simple way with more practice, you will succeed more. When I am writing with big brothers in university of Queensland, I often look at their photos that I saved in mobile phone album. It is so handsome and they will cooperate better. Especially they have chance to say how they like the same woman etc. Not like a big US team and their lover is different and they seldom work after class or without teacher’s supervision. Like when I call Paul Moore I only open one time my mouth, then I ask him to help me to find out handsome Martin, then I ask them to find out Bellamy. It is faster in real life when I really need help. They meet each other inside campus. On the contrary the company of uncle Wheaton is outside of campus, then his little brother will be afraid of new friends inside campus. Like this the whole team will be running away to avoid of really meeting me or dealing with my issues. Then unluckily I have a wedding plan draft of US version, it will be of no use then I transform that draft into Australia version. The wedding plan is useless if they do not make effort together. So you will perhaps need to prepare with me a better wedding plan in Australia.

The US team will select “the first husband” Wheaton, more exactly his little brother to be bridegroom. Unluckily, the company named The First Amendment is outside of campus. For all companies outside of campus, they feel huge difficulty on even entering into campus, other than doing activities or courses. Then I have not selected a man who has the same age as little brother of Wheaton, so I don’t know if he has secret he tells secret to whom. My company in China is inside campus so I often have observation on details like this. What’s worse, without money, employees or bosses of company will lose direction. They will complain like they earn no money inside campus so they will not go inside if there is no big event. It is dangerous for me, a Chinese student who can only live and study inside campus. It will be impossible for me to see my fiance in real life. So the money is not an useful tool of measurement in all situations. I will have to prepare another wedding plan inside campus of university of Queensland thanks to presence of bridegroom. Before the US draft with live performance and wedding ceremony orders is only preparation for real wedding practice in Australia. The money is often misleading and money is given by the bank or others, then many housewives think that money given by the peers is the money earning. However, they will have unpeaceful night. They do not live so well like expected due to all given money. They only have money but they fail in many practice even including entering into campus. What is the first husband’s name and email ? So James Wheaton, if I do not have your little brother's own name and email, how can he be the bridegroom ? Then no matter how many similar friends I will choose for him, it will be useless for real wedding ? In UQ, Massimo Hilliard, you are big brother ? What is exact name of your little brother ? Then if the name is still ambiguous, the money will be of no use for my wedding project. It is touching for me to know Richard Martin's two gmail addresses. Thanks for your real participation for shenfeiwang's wedding project.


VII PayPal Invoice sent to Martin

If I do not say clearly, it will be difficult for me to sleep. When I write bridegroom related things, I select more often big brother and little brother. The team is stronger. But in reality, if I only know big brother then little brother is hiding, it will be of no use. Because both have to appear in real life without too much money misleading. Then if you do company more than university, you will not be presented in university, as result my first husband will change. Is it clear ? In real life, it will be Moore, who replies me, I mean you meet me then you have to reply me. He is more courageous than the white, including his parents will not be afraid of me. What’s more in language and culture department he sees foreigners. Then the strategy will be like he meets me in the first moment, then he pass the ball to Martin and Bellamy. So at least Moore and Martin know each other’s mobile phone number. This strategy is more useful and efficient than US big team strategy in real life, because their registration time on shenfeiwang email note is in advance. Even including wedding plan and ceremony, we have many versions and styles, we will hold ceremony as well in Queensland. So I write with title of PayPal invoice sent to Martin to remind the team the difference regarding writing bridegroom and real physical bridegroom. 

Those days I am looking for a new job, so the new email will not be ended too soon like a template of series. It implies that Martin will still play a main role for indeed long time for him, more than three months at least. I will not be able to complete the draft during three months. Then it will be a sort of sleeping and dreaming about him, I mean those nights you often appear in my dream and we are in the same classroom.



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