Order market & Business license of DIY uncle's wedding


2023.12.10 Order market & Business license of DIY uncle’s wedding

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Ⅰ Making orders & Business license of James Wheaton

I have to go back to work next week, I will be writing about Australian visa related things. But it requires time. Then my wedding plan will be focused on market website, and ways of contacting those sellers of wedding series. I mean if in US I will be married, I will first make series of orders. However I don't know how to find them online easily. I mean I have to contact them like I contact you. But now they are still on website and they are not my belongings. I have to advance on Australian visa because I actually have US and Canada visa, UK and France visa. But I do not know much about Australian visa. I mean I need the team, government team like I contact the team by email directly. The burden is that if I do not contact government directly, I will waste too much time in exploring the authority overseas. I am not online for two months, are you missing me ? I am afraid of seeing too much your photos. Then I mean I needed to find a new job then I did not have time to write with you, but now I have time and I have found a new job. During the months I did not have time to write emails, I was busy finding jobs. Then it was tiring and each week there are too many complicated things. Too complicated then in China the situation is enough. I did not have time to study details like your color of skin. Then perhaps I will have capacity to travel alone in Australia in the future, but it is still a difficult thing to me. Those days you can consult emails each day, I will be online again.

I am writing about wedding plan in US, with little brother of James Wheaton. In fact if you well follow me, we will be married the second year when I will be in US. I touch better websites of US, however, I do not touch well websites of Canada or Australia. If we do not study well websites, it will be difficult for us to make orders. I will first make orders with my pocket money, then my pocket money is limited, so I will try to invite more and spend less. It will be impossible if we do not even make one order. Before I visited a store of wedding ceremony planning, they said that they only did wedding hall decoration. This order is sufficient for defining the real wedding, so if we do not have time, we will only make one order of market. Other parts of work will be assigned to Stanford, with some participants for projects. The wedding plan will be associated to job plan, with office decoration. If in real situation, too many visitors prefer staying at home or apartment, we will make apartment look like office for working. I will try to make business license with address of USCIS field office. So you will lead me about project of business license. In different countries, the business license has different content, for example the tax declaration. If you have more techniques about how to launch business license related affairs, you should also well guide me with more secret revealing. The most important detail is my wedding plan emails, or we can say dissertation. It will be a good guidance for US wedding, in comparison, if I make a concrete plan of Australian wedding, it will be difficult with less assistance. You follow well my email series each day so you will have to follow well my practice of wedding plan in US, including the bridegroom and his family members. The tools like computers, mobile phones, washing machine, television will be good for use. Even if I have questions for US daily like, like what is the most popular GPS app in your country, you have to tell me. Then I will not lose direction when I find way to wedding stores that I have reserved. I will be lost if I only use google map, so you should pay attention to detail courses with me like individual tutor. I often need medicine for curing my diseases of sleeping and body ache. I will need large amount of rheumatic paste due to over workload, so I hope you will not delay the supply of drugs.


Ⅱ weddingwire.com wedding market V.S. Stanford live performance

If you meet me in US, you remember to call me directly, then we will have to talk about the plan and practice with at least computer. If you avoid of over talking with me, I will not be able to teach you more about skills of travelling. I mean when I am travelling, I have got more experience before, then you will sleep less and work more during limited time. For example, we will have to remember together we have at least one order to make, then I discover that the fastest way is to consult that website : https://www.weddingwire.com/ , because in that website I see many proposals, especially catering menu of ceremony, with reception preparation as well. Then in real life we will visit their store then get the cheapest price. So it will be difficult if I go out alone, I will need a driver or at least someone who tell me how to take train and bus in US. I have well placed documents in a drive folder and most of proposals are focused on food and drink. If all of us spend lot of time in cooking, it will be tiring, especially I am a Chinese and we will not have Chinese food in US. I mean Chinese original material of food, then it will be difficult for a real Chinese style wedding. But regarding the pure ceremony activities, it will be less difficult in an university hall. We will try to set it as criteria of score of thesis defense, for the thesis defense is organized by me each semester. The standard procedure of US wedding will be the content that I will investigate. I mean will use a recording pen to ask to how to do as Americans do. I mean I only know how to do as Chinese do, but I do not know the American marriage details. Then according to experience, I will write report of investigation, and it will be a dissertation as well. That's why it is important to know whether Wheaton's family has another cousin or uncle who had the wedding before. Then we will be able to copy. Each time you see it seems that I am very tired or you are tired, I will still be continuously working in fact. I have more experience in distinguish the feeling before, in the middle and after travelling. The final step is to invite people for the ceremony, including my Chinese father and cousin. The invitation is based on the whole group work so you could not abandon, including Stanford Arts, I mean you have to at least finish one live performance as ceremony. In real life during wedding we do not do live performance, we only do a simple procedure about 30 minutes then we eat together, but this time we have been making big plan so I will register in Stanford Arts and ask them to prepare something for me. I think registration fee is useful at that moment, because before in university Paris 13 I had paid entrance fee for live performance then I really did something related to art and culture. But it is more likely to be a DIY live performance, then I will be participant with wage. I will not ask for wage but it is similar to wage situation, and you do group work with me. I will take note about my plan on that aspect then me, I will be present while I have time for performance.


Ⅲ Wedding talents selection: 4 groomsmen & 4 bridesmaid

Uncle Wheaton, I have transferred you some emails addresses of market, for example, first, Beacon Grand, San Francisco, CA, jgreel@beacongrand.com, mmandes@beacongrand.com they gave me two email addresses. Second, THE WESTIN ST. FRANCIS, 335 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, naseem.sharif@westin.com (www.westinstfrancis.com). Third,  San Mateo, CA 94402, Alicia.Gonzalez@marriott-sanmateo.com, with email address of

Danielle.Mapote@Marriott-SanMateo.com (www.marriott.com/sfosa).

For the wedding plan, we will also invite sellers to Stanford, I mean we will need a driver, uncle Wheaton, you will need a driver for inviting guests to Stanford or to company. But we will only complete one or two orders to represent the market, so we will not spend too much time. Perhaps one or two interviews of visit will be enough for the whole procedure. Then I have contacted three companies in San Francisco, we will see if it is possible for us to talk about the marriage plan further.

Today's work will be focused on wedding procedures, difference between US wedding and Chinese wedding, including culture ceremony and government related steps. The course we choose will be of Otago university, because they are strong on economics. What's more my uncle Wheaton studies also business license, I hope the project will not be destroyed by his absence. In US wedding we have 4 groomsmen and 4 bridesmaid, so we will select a new series of talents and they will be much younger. Then we will have more than 4 groomsmen. Best Man and Maid of honor, also we will start a new selection, but the bridegroom will still be little brother of Wheaton uncle. We will organize ceremony in a hall, like restaurant not church, because in China we do not have churches, then it will be embarrassing if I guide you here and there. Then we will select also makeup artist, wedding supervisor, landlady, the head of the maternal family, wedding vehicle manager, camera crew, road blocking vehicle personnel etc. and it will be the most difficult thing. I will watch again your beautiful photos in google drive folder. Then we will select people who are still online or in job position now in Stanford.


Ⅳ More than 2 versions photos of 1 Stanford uncle

I have to submit a complete draft of US uncle's wedding, because it will be a base for wedding of other countries. However, uncle has uncle's things, then I will start a new selection in Stanford university. We will have more participants, then they will be much younger. I do not have courage to look at website of Stanford, then it will be a little bit longer. But I promise I will select men of younger generation, and much more handsome. If the second year when I am in US, I miss a wedding, I will go to Australia. In UQ, the team is already from a new selection, then it will be much closer to real life. I hope before my selection, the web editor can help me update photos. Do not use replacement, I will use the real photo screenshot. Try to make each photo unique and real, then you may add preference for me, like have works of China and Japan etc. to attract attention.

Honestly, only Jeremy Bailenson, I only see 2 versions. Other teachers, like James S. Fishkin and James T Hamilton, I see more than 3 versions. Then my uncle Wheaton, I only see 2 versions. Evidently, if there are only 2 versions, they are only brothers. Jeremy is only a big brother, then bailenson@stanford.edu is the email for two. The same we use wheaton@thefirstamendment.org to signify brothers. James Wheaton is only a big brother. But other people in the list, I mean uncles, my dear uncles, you should not always use replacement. For example, in Stanford communication list, the uncle looks like this, then in journalism list, the same uncle looks like that. Perhaps uncles are less handsome than Bailenson, then you use too many team workers to replace you for a certain function, right ? So the best selection for list is still the uncle who only uses two versions for brothers. It implies that they are more handsome and confident, and also much younger. If they are much younger, they will say that you do not need to replace me, and it will be tiring for you to replace me. But most of situations, in Stanford, uncles I often contact, they use replacement. So if my UQ friends travel in US with me, do not expect that you will see all the time the right person. OK then we will be less stressed when meeting uncles in Stanford, and we hope that there are more uncles like Wheaton or Bailenson, who never use replacement other than their own brother.


Ⅴ Boss purchases real presence, including decision of having a baby

I often check if Wheaton uncle you opened my Paypal invoice link, then I see that you never open that Paypal link. So I know that you never read my emails. I have restarted contacting you by email for around one year, so I do not know what is the real situation on your side. At least, if I arrive in Stanford you will appear, right ? It will be the most difficult, because real presence is heavier than any virtual works. Although sometimes virtual things help us to earn money, it is not so heavy as the real person's appearance. I mean I am also boss of company with business licence, then I cannot buy a real human labour force so I construct email groups. Sometimes you see me and you admire all I have already like emails groups and chain emails. But I am not always happy about the fact that I do not have any American babies. I will continue to write till one day you see me and my wedding plan is ready. The wedding plan will not be changed during the real practice you know. I mean many people change their plan like after going from France to Canada, they stop and stay long time in Canada. But I have stressed out that I will stay several months in Quebec Canada, then I will bring my little brothers to Stanford, US to arrange a wedding with my uncle. On the contrary you have to remind me of that plan, you should not say at that time like you will go to Australia. This is what we have to pay attention to in real life, so at least Wheaton's assistant has to read email and tell uncle that Chinese woman will come for having babies, not like what she said like she would leave and go to Australia. If you forget the detail of baby, you understand as a boss of company, it is difficult to see real human labour force. That is the most expensive and we spend the most of money for human, right ? Not for any virtual platform or project. I mean the salary is compulsory based on the real presence and circulation of human. Me I am holding Chinese business licence and I understand the law and basic logic of business. I often imitate and copy uncle's things, so you will do before me like the decision of having a baby.


Ⅵ Realizing UQ plan with less money expense

Yesterday night in my dream I met again my big brothers of new UQ team. Frankly, those months, from October to December, I have passed 3 months for a new job then I have changed my job more than 3 times. So I understand the job position and platform market. In fact, when you do more platform works than me, like Amazon, Rakuten, CDiscount and so on, you will discover that the decision of human being is the heaviest. However, the sense of economics is different according to different people. Some people seldom purchase new platform or website, so they ask me to leave the job position due to reasons of platform. In fact even your real boss do not understand anything about the logistics of platform, and they only take note of your presence in real life. The behaviour change does not need to be so frequently, and do you understand now ? I mean the human's wish and willing outweigh, for example, you need to take a rest without working in office for a day but you still need salary, and this has to be taken into account as well in real life. So if in real life, I have already arrived in university of Queensland, my team will appear at least Paul Moore and Richard Martin will arrive to see me. Even in my dream I saw Richard Martin, and it does not depend on how much salary or work, any virtual factors. I am thinking about I am student of Social Science department of UQ, so Richard Martin is my classmate for most of time. Then it will be a chance to see him in real life. We are talking about topics like make orders for wedding, and if we have ability to go to UQ to see Moore and Martin, it will be more worthy of money expense.

Yesterday night I dreamed about meeting Richard Martin in UQ, then he called me big sister, in fact he is my big brother. He asked me if I had been married, I said no. Then he passed over half night to kiss me. I am a registered student of Social Science in UQ, and I have not chosen other department for registration. Then he will definitely be my closest classmate. Moore, Martin and me we will often meet each other. Then the color of skin is so different, exactly three different colors. I discover that the wedding orders is not so strong like imagine, especially if I spend 10000 dollars, it will not be exchanged for a real result. So sometimes 10000 dollars equal to 100 dollars. On the contrary if I spend only 100 dollars for UQ registration, then I work hard each day and night, it will be more efficient. Richard Martin was frowning in his photo of exposition in UQ website, then I chose him because I prefer this sort of character. But after clicking the first photo, I see his second and third photo, I see a handsome big brother.


Ⅶ Read more emails for better arranging wedding

It seems that today the winter holiday has finished and you go back to work right ? Regarding my registration, each time I register as student but I work as teacher, because I need fixed computer. If your web manager often carries her own computer, it will be a heavy work. I will use computer in office of university to save energy, as result I will get salary as well. Nowadays, less and less people are interested in email chains, I mean those basic skills. However, without my email group, how do you lead the team to Australia and how to know when I will be presented ? During those years, I have been working on various expensive platforms like Amazon and Shopify, but many employees quit job too frequently in order to get more platforms and new techniques experience. In my situation, each time I go to university like Stanford or McGill, even Queensland, that's already the end of my work. I mean I will not change job so you have to form a good habit to receive me and listen to all of my willing, including job position and salary and so on. Many works in university are interrupted due to more choices in companies. But if you meet me, you have to finish all work inside university, like university office is a part of the company. This is difficult even in Chinese university, many boss of companies never come to university, so many employees in campus do not get salary. However, in my real situation, I will not have time to take other possibilities into account and I will continue to work in a same place. At that time I will only have chance to send emails and you will not read my emails, as result it will be individual work in the end. I have started writing emails from 2016, so you have to form a good habit of dealing with my email during those 10 years. I understand English emails are difficult for you, but it is the only method for my situation. Even I know if I come to university of Queensland, I will not meet teachers that I have chosen. I will try my best to meet them, although the project commenced late. Then I will have time to arrange other projects like a wedding. On the contrary, if you never read my emails and you take me as stranger, I will spend too long time in arranging basic things like living and working, then I will not have time to arrange a wedding.



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