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COMM 116: (COMM 216) Stanford Ph.D. Communication Journalism 3 Credits

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Not married ? Truant is a kid

I remember 2016 I sent emails to Stanford to ask them whether Wheaton was married. Then some women teachers said by email that he was still a kid, and he played truant. Generally this kind of man did not hold any women neither. An artist who is pleasant in photo, we can only define James Wheaton like this, because if the name does not correspond to the photo, it will be name of an older uncle. I want to say to man of photo, because the photo is a real person and we do not mind what is exactly his name right ? I could not illustrate what has happened at night, at deep night, I mean sometimes I do not sleep well and I am thinking about why Wheaton is like a kid. Then I discover that he sleeps well if the woman decides all. I mean in fact he didn’t have any friendship of fact with any uncle in Stanford, so I will be the only one for him to pursue in Stanford, the only closest friend. Then if my character is like a girlfriend or fiancee who decides all, then he will sleep pretty well with me. For example I even decide with his parents when he will be married with me. I plan to do this, logically it will be too fast. But man of that character prefer this sort of girl in bottom of his heart. One day I say that I will pass all year in Canada then he will be jealous and depressed all that year, but of course without speaking out. Why I say that I need a wedding in a lightening speed ? I need a child from Wheaton the fourth year of my staying in USA. Then we will have a second child after. You know shenfeiwang, this woman is a web manager who added too many men by email, and it is her job and mission. If me, I have too many men as husbands I will be uncomfortable and I will be like a ball to be kicked. I prefer the first man in my life who is heavier and deserves more children. The method will be used is that I will try to contact Wheaton’s parents. I will explain it is a totally children desire, and if we concentrate on a new topic, it will pass sometimes even 100 years more for studying. Then I will try to let his parents bring me to a new room to check if they have prepared a new washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, television for our marriage. The reason is that in deep night I discover that man of that character, I mean never concentrating on detail never answering, prefer making love with woman, who decides all and takes off dress actively and quickly. Do you agree ? Otherwise the man never replies and plays truant in university, he himself will not sleep well and will feel jealous.


S. Fishkin and me, invite Wheaton’s parents to Stanford

I hope my future husband, Wheaton you bring your parents, because the first arrangement is contradictory. You have to bring your parents to Stanford to see me, then I will take you to chat with me in order to verify identity. Next thing for you to do is to decide the first room near Stanford, then before you leave or your parents leave, I will let them contact housing agency for a new room for wedding. I will live in dormitory in Stanford, but if the husband's parents or family members have habit to kiss inside Stanford, it will be ideal. But unluckily no man choose apartment inside, at that time we should contact a new housing agency. I prefer the character like you bring your parents to see me, then I will have chance to chat with your parents. Otherwise I will be worried about your speed and state of art of your work. I mean shenfeiwang prefers this kind of man, even if he is married, the woman has not kissed him actively, the woman will not have a night with that man. Then their marriage plan will be destroyed. I know most of women are noisy if the man does not reply, but I love that kind of man due to too many shenfeiwang's fans.

So as assistant you catch keywords, right ? PARENTS, OK ? Let Wheaton bring his parents to see me, then they will decide whether they will buy a new room. If Wheaton himself come to Stanford, how can he choose a new apartment himself ? I remember some email users. Then I will arrange a desk mate, the partner who uses well email to sit beside him. Of course, the partner knows well the route inside Stanford, like how to reach offices, how to reach classrooms. It will be the user of Fred Turner's email, perhaps I have seen his photo before. Do you know Market City ? The nickname is like that, he has recorded his voice for Stanford communication department phone call. I mean each time I called Stanford communication department, I heard his registered voice "This is Market City at Stanford communication department." Then we will have to find him as well, right ? There are too many men who are waiting for you to be the first husband. In fact, in Yale university, I used email of grandfather Francesco Casetti, I know at the same time some other men in Yale, I mean I have seen their photos. But I needed the email to represent department, so at that time I only contacted one man in Yale. This problem will be mentioned when we go to Yale, and some men will complain when they see me, including someone I have seen. So you see how it is important to have a lightening marriage. I hope your parents will do all the objective but heavy work for you, Wheaton, then you only know how to kiss me then how to sleep. The first big contradictory factor is the reason for you to go out home to Stanford, I will send invitation of Stanford Ph.D. degree program, then we will really make a degree together, so you will be invited as teacher for one or two courses. It will be ideal if yourself can give us more courses with score to be noted in transcript of Stanford.

I forget to stress out a detail, if James Wheaton's parents come, we invite them for dinner. We, I mean, me, the user of email of uncle Fred Turner, and James S. Fishkin. Then I will assign some users of email as his assistant. I will ask James S. Fishkin to be his director of thesis. Then I hope if Thomas see this message, you remind S. Fishkin to appear in that occasion. He is more handsome than Thomas, so if he come for dinner with Wheaton, we will not take Thomas together. After it is also James S. Fishkin who helps Wheaton, so I have to remind the team about this detail. Daddy will be someone who cooks well fish, when all of us are hungry. Team will remind him about the detail of cooking fish, I write a short message here.


France-Canada-US First Year & France-US-Canada Second Year

Remember to buy an engagement ring for me the first year when you see me. Because when I go back to China my parents are against my travel in foreign countries. Engagement ring, because money you give money to all. But the gold ring you only give it to fiancee. I see Di Stefano I will try I buy first then you pay for a half. In fact there is a detail. The third year of my presence in US it will be US wedding, then fourth year will be Chinese wedding. Why ? Because it will be easier if I have a baby after a ceremony in US, but not in China. If team plan to go to China with me, we will prepare for half year, it will be me me me who receive you in China. Do you understand now ? If you go to France yes it will be easier, we have many Frenchmen in team. But in china only me. So Wheaton, perhaps for example, you will be bridegroom, but third year you will make love with me. Then half year after I will already be pregnant, but stomach not big, I will bring you to china to compensate a Chinese wedding after. Wheaton, are you listening ? In reality the third year in US will be the real wedding. In china it will be a form. Because only me who is translator with so many men. It will be horrible.

First year I go from France to Canada, then Canadians will send me to USA, Alain he has contrary character and he will send me even if I forget. Then I will not go back to China. You send me and Canadians home and I go back to France. Second year I go from France to USA then team send me to Canada then go back to USA finally France. I will go back to China. Key moment is the third year, if parents permit I mean they are always against. Third year I go from France to Canada. Canadians send me to USA then I will be married in USA, otherwise my Canadian little brothers will bear the grudges. They prefer Wheaton but without reply. Then after wedding we send Canadians back. Me and bridegroom we go back to France. But it is only a form, France is difficult. Fourth year then we go back to USA till I will be a pregnant. Then we plan to take direct flight from USA to China for a Chinese wedding. If I am not pregnant we will not need to go to China. I am the only one who support your weight.

If me and Canadians we bear the grudges, we will hold wedding ourselves with Di Stefano. But if Wheaton accepts us we will not bear the grudges.


Business licence address of shenfeiwang will be field office USCIS

Unfortunately when you see me, I do not have any facial expression or sensitive action. I understand in email you do not reply regarding wedding question, then in real life you will not reply neither. So like I have marked, the third and fourth years are for USA and we will let them continue project. How about fifth year ? There is no Frenchmen here then I import a positive French method to you. The method is that I will be concentrated when you are tired, forgetting and very lazy. I mean the fifth year or Sixth year, you will think that I will forget wedding plan due to no facial expression. But it will be the real time for wedding, but with Di Stefano. Because I will let him go to universities in Paris, then I will give admission thanks to his French level. But I will not be able to give any US men this admission. That's the root of success of my wedding project, not a ring or a company with Wheaton. It will be with the youngest, Di Stefano, who replied me clearly by phone that he will be presented and he love me the most. Any US men they never replied like that.

But if Anthony uncle come, he will say it is compulsory for me to be married with a US man first. Uncle’s born character is different. Anthony, many users of email of USCIS who do work for him Each time you do work, for example pass from US to Canada, we will meet CIS colleagues who work for me those eight years. Sometimes it is not a teacher in Stanford who decides. I mean Anthony has strong partiality on me then I was contacting him in the name of his financee. He will say too old too old too old, if you are much younger, you should let him wait after the long line. Then the style will be different. Father’s age teachers in Stanford are too reserved, not so open like uncles of CIS.

Some of you work at night, it doesn't matter if I leave message. You have to follow steps I mentioned many times before. First give me USCIS field office, then it will be address of my business licence with publicity. I mean we do the appointment of visa. Second I will apply for amazon account and stores like that which demands the business licence. Third take note then you do the similar stores with me, and take note of financial statement. Fourth logistics, I mean local logistics is the main point for foreigner to learn, so the office has printer machine of label and mailbox. I will sleep. Pay attention to mailbox, we will buy lots of adapters for chargers. Most of them can only be bought by Amazon FBA. During long travel of one year, one year for French but half more or less for Americans. You understand you prepare all sorts of connectors of computer chargers. Then for haircut you need to cut hair yourself and medicine for fever and cold. Wheaton I saw his photo the hair was mi long, I mean the whole body photo. You should have very short hair, because most of time we do not go out to have haircut. Find a partner of same sex during travel. You find assistant who reads and reports my messages each day, then you accompany Wheaton during journey abroad. Do not need to be too sensitive to passport, if you are alive without illnesses you are legal. You need to translate by phone, but you do not have European mobile traffic. Too many French words, so you have map and electronic dictionary Casio.


Bob & Josh Americans I met in Wuhan China 14 years ago

In fact if you follow more my suggestions you will be more relaxed, especially Wheaton, he will run away from me like play truant. But you will have to finish the US wedding the third year of my presence in US. I will bring my friends to the wedding, two US men who were in Wuhan more than one year, when I was 18 years old. I mean 14 years before I met Bob and Josh Della Vale in Wuhan two times. I have added their email in this group. They will be presented in my wedding, then you will start talking with them several months after seeing them right? But it will be compulsory to talk with them, because they will have capacity to bring the team to Wuhan China together. 14 years ago in Wuhan there was no metro, everywhere full of dust, and it was very noisy. It was a disaster if you wanted to have a peaceful life in Wuhan China. But I met them in new oriental school, Bob is shorter but Josh is very handsome and amazingly tall, 1 meter 90. So the first time you see them, you will need time to get familiar with teachers like that. They speak a little Chinese. I met also two US women at the same time, but women do not need to go to China. Women have problems if it is only one month journey. It will only be twenty days journey in Wuhan, only for a wedding ceremony and marriage certificate. Even if we have a real wedding the third year in US, I will inform Chinese like consulate and embassy in a serious way of your arrival in China right ? Then they will not think that it is a joke they will prepare more in advance. We will go to China if the US wedding finish and if I am a pregnant. It will be the fourth year biggest plan. If we do all in fourth year it will be embarrassing. Especially I will have new friends to present to you, especially Josh he is very handsome and you will tell more things to locals right ? Particularly questions like allergic and illness, haircut and US Chinese adapters. I started contacting them those years but Bob replied me by email. You need to take VPN and you cannot use yahoo and Google gmail in China. I will arrange you in Super 8 hotel which is equipped with better internet devices. This hotel is smaller and you will think it is cheaper. It is not and it is totally internet concern. That hotel has strong WiFi sign and router in each bedroom. OK then the bridegroom will take time to have a plan about making love with me the third year of my presence in US, more exactly Canadians they will send me to US, then you catch time to take me out of the Canadian team. It will be more convenient because I will have better mood when my Canadian little brothers accompany me. I added new friends Bob and Josh Della Vale, so it will be an opportunity for them to go to Wuhan again. Otherwise they will perhaps go to Japan. It will be with us although twenty days in hotel in Wuhan.


Email to UQ Japanese Major, uncle David Chapman

To: +61 7 336 56390

Associate Professor David Chapman, Japanese Major, School of Languages and Cultures

OK uncle David Chapman, around 50 years old right ? Your first publication was in 1997, and it was all for Japan topic. Then you left email by saying that you would be available after July 17th. Luckily July 19th it will be my birthday of 32 years old. I am now in China then recently I am proposing marriage to a US man, but no reply. Do you think that people in US they set too many barriers to me when I am pleased to propose marriage ? Even they themselves never study any Japanese or Chinese language. Then run away from me or they do no reply many years already 7 years. I started emailing for example James Wheaton, a teacher in Stanford from 2016 August. Then he never replied me. From 2017 December to 2023 February I stopped emailing him. I cried if I dreamed about a US man but that man was absent intentionally just like I would catch him to the wedding. It was horrible then I stopped emailing him for 5 years and 3 months. It was deliberately. In Stanford I sent emails in groups and it was without doubt for certain occasions and we are quite familiar with each other from April 2016. Then I see your profile I call you Daddy or Uncle, I think that the skin of face is never so thick like imagined. If I come to US the first year, I mean I email them without being to the land, if already first or second year it will be a wedding. But third or fourth year I plan to travel in Australia to see you. Then have you been to Japan ? No trace to show whether you were in Japan, I will continue to explore.


Marriage proposal third year ? Job proposal second day !

Bridegroom, are you willing to be ? I will soon do another subject, the Australian and New Zealand photo series of teachers. I mean I will do day by day, night by night, screenshot of teachers in Australian and New Zealand, of course in 7 universities where I registered and got the ID. Then if the third year and Fourth year you are not agreed to my wedding plan, I will go to Australia. Some facts are contradictory to the reality. If you really see me, then why not married with me the first year or second year ? Because I will go back to china then all project will be destroyed by company there and parents. They stopped my project before. What's more in real life, if I see James Wheaton, then he refuse me, then I will cry. How will he set barriers to me ? I mean I often cry due to him, often, at night... But you have good point. Wheaton is not presented, so he invite new friends to replace him. You have to follow me to France till you see me go to China. Pay attention you can never let me go back to China before wedding. Real US wedding I mean. If I send messages you only read, you will never know right ? If I say or call you, you will still never know. So Wheaton you pay attention you follow me till France, then I will no go back to China after first year in US. Then you make jokes you follow me back to US again. The detail is that back to US not back to China. Remember this technique. So you have to invite technicians to follow me when I say I go back right ? And not back to China your eyes see my body. In fact this proposal of marriage is wrong. No matter what proposal, it is for second day, such as job proposal. So it is third year marriage plan and it will be changed. Frankly third year I will be in Australia according to my original plan. If you do not agree to the proposal of marriage second day, it will be another plan. Then the bridegroom is not so certain because before I threw him intentionally away for 5 years and 3 months. We will bring this question to the new topic of Australia and New Zealand.

Wheaton you do job proposal, you see me, then you ask a student assistant who often talk with me to help you. Then you do job interview, because it will be simply presentation like we are company of Shopify and Amazon. Now the presentation of company is like this. Do you understand ? Then you gain money by Paypal. Then you propose job to me you say for your level we accept part time job. At that moment I will be gaining money by Shopify for Chinese company online. So I understand all. I will accept. I will not leave university so quickly like imagined and I will take Spanish test, so in fact women teacher of Spanish will receive me, not men. Gradually when you have prepared, I will call you or send you invitation then you do job interview with me. Do you understand ? You only have one registered course Journalism Law, and you actually propose accounts of platforms to me. Then you gain, you gain ! You will be ranked the first because in university they only know exams without so many accounts of platforms which includes employees salary.

Do you understand what I mean yesterday ? It is about data victory, I mean the data wins when you see me the first day. Because second day you give me a job proposal, then you know that I am smart, then you let me see your paypal or stripe, accounts of platforms. Data shows what ? Shows that the pure earning, the net profit in the accounts cover well employees' salary. Then you win, you do not need to care anymore your age and appearance, like not enough young or handsome. You gain, you gain, so you have to choose now, well, before I did Amazon, Mercadolibre, CDiscount, Ebay, Etsy, Alibaba International, Aliexpress, now I do Shopify, Lazada, Shopee, Coupang. If on the contrary you do not have a chosen platform, you choose Amazon then Ebay, Etsy. It is in university, so you come only 2 or 3 boys, generally, they found me they say that you could join us, so it is not a too big investment. But if you fail expression like this, the proposal will not exist, then I will give you more time, so third year I will go to Australia, then go from Australia to NZ. I guess you succeed, because you were on my bed in my yesterday night dream, you said that it was nearly done even for now. The company is this, simply, me, as holder of business licence, I do not earn so much money in my own Lazada and Shopee.



UQ Associate Professor David Chapman

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